WWE 2K24: Megastar rating revealed

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes in-game footage

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes in-game footage

The WWE 2K24 Superstar ratings reveal continues and this time it was LA Knight, Santos Escobar and Tegan Nox who got their ratings unveiled.

These are three unique WWE Superstars, who have a combination of great in-ring skills, promo abilities and charisma.

So let's find out the ratings of these Superstars in WWE 2K24.

LA Knight WWE 2K24 rating

LA Knight is known as the Megastar for a reason, he exudes charisma, is spectacular on the mic and is equally great in the ring. He is currently one of the most beloved WWE Superstars and is set up to be one of the faces of the company in the upcoming years.

WWE 2K24 LA Knight rating
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In WWE 2K24, LA Knight is an 88 OVR which seems appropriate after the great year he had.

Santos Escobar WWE 2K24 rating

While LA Knight is loved by the WWE Universe, Santos Escobar is far from it. After betraying Rey Mysterio and the LWO, Escobar became one of the most despised WWE Superstars.

WWE 2K24 Santos Escobar rating
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The former NXT Cruiserweight Champion has a 78 OVR in WWE 2K24, which as you can imagine didn't exactly leave him ecstatic. Escobar is hoping that 2K "fixes" his rating but we doubt that will happen, Santos.

Tegan Nox's WWE 2K24 rating

Tegan Nox's WWE career has had some ups and downs, and she admitted that herself. However, since being drafted to the RAW brand Nox has picked up some impressive wins and the future is bright for the Welsh wrestler.

WWE 2K24 Tegan Nox's rating
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Credit: WWE 2K

In WWE 2K24, Tegan Nox has a 77 OVR, which even left her pleasantly surprised. Hopefully, Tegan Nox's upward trajectory continues and we can see her in the 80's in WWE 2K25.

More WWE 2K24 Superstar ratings will be revealed soon, so stay tuned for that.

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