WWE 2K24: Cody Rhodes and Gunther ratings revealed!

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes Cover

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes Cover

WWE 2K continues to release bits of information about WWE 2K24, announcing new stars and also revealing their ratings, which has taken the hype surrounding the game to a new level.

This time it was the ratings of Cody Rhodes and Gunther that were revealed, and one of them might shock you. These are two of the biggest WWE Superstars, and you can even argue they have carried the company on their backs in the last couple of months.

So let's find out what are the ratings of Cody Rhodes and Gunther in WWE 2K24.

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes rating

It's fair to say that Cody Rhodes has become the biggest babyface in WWE since John Cena. Rhodes has captivated the WWE Universe becoming one of the top stars of the company, a household name.

WWE 2K24 Cody Rhodes Rating
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Credit: WWE 2K

In WWE 2K24, Rhodes has a 93 rating, which seems quite appropriate, even though a slightly higher rating would be understandable as well. Maybe he will get that once he finishes his story.

Gunther rating

Gunther's rating raises some questions. The ring general has a 90 OVR, which is up compared to his rating in WWE 2K23 but is still too low for the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time.

A 93 or higher OVR for Gunther would be more just since he had a spectacular 2023, where he dominated his opponents and cemented himself as a household name.

WWE 2K24 Gunther rating
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Credit: WWE 2K

Fans were a bit disappointed with Gunther's rating, with many pointing out that Logan Paul has the same rating as him which doesn't seem fair. The general consensus in the WWE 2K community is that the ring general deserved better.

It's also worth noting that, Johnny Gargano's rating was also revealed, with the Superstar having a 74 OVR.

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