WWE 2K23 Universe Mode: How to create a custom show

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns

WWE 2K23 Roman Reigns

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode puts fans in command of all the WWE shows. It gives players a chance to experience what Triple H feels by becoming the head of creativity.

In Universe Mode, players create their own wrestling universe and have complete control over every aspect of it. From booking matches, creating rivalries, and choosing the champions, among many others things.

You can also create a custom show in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode, managing your own unique show instead of Raw, NXT, or SmackDown.

So, let's find out how you can create a custom show in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode.

How To Create A Custom Show WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

Every WWE fan is a booker at heart, with fans always having unique ideas for the product.

They seem to always know the best direction for a storyline and would love to be able to run their own show.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode allows fans to put their ideas to the test. It also shows how hard it is to be the head of creativity for a wrestling show.

As mentioned above, Universe Mode lets fan create their own show.

They can customize everything, from the name to the logo, and even the arena where it takes place.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode
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Fans have almost complete control of matches in Universe Mode

First, head to the My Universe Mode, start a new game, and choose the Classic mode option.

Then, go to edit shows, where you will see all the shows you have control over.

Click on one of the empty spots, and create either a major or minor show. This option is up to you to decide.

You will be taken to a page where you can fully customize your show.

If you click on the show details option, you will be able to change the name of the show, its arena, the referee look, and plenty of other things.

In the participants tab, you can choose the superstars that will be on your roster.

The Edit championships and MITB tab allow you to pick which titles your show will have, and its respective champions. You can also select the MITB briefcases, and what superstars hold them.

WWE 2K23 Universe Mode
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You can fully customize your show in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode

There are plenty of things you can download in the custom creation mode and use in your Universe Mode. Custom arenas, titles, superstars, and logos, are some of those things.

You can also upload images, and use your own arenas in WWE 2K23 Universe Mode.

The options are limitless, and you can fully customize your show in Universe Mode. This improves the player's immersion and overall experience, making it much more enjoyable.

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