WWE 2K23: Release Date & Cover Star Predictions, latest on length of 2K & WWE's current deal

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With the once struggling franchise now thriving, the eventual arrival of WWE 2K23 will another big step in proving this series can maintain long-term success.

Here's everything we know so far about the potential WWE 2K23 release date, top Cover Star predictions, and more.

Latest - WWE staying with 2K for now


After some speculation about a potential fracture between WWE and 2K, largely linked to the failure of WWE 2K20, it seems like things have settled down.

Following the success of WWE 2K22, the relationship between the companies is looking much better, and any departure to EA probably won't happen soon.

We've got more details here on when WWE last spoke to EA and how much longer the series is expected to stay with 2K.

WWE 2K23 Release Date Prediction

Easily the biggest question mark about the eventual release of WWE 2K23 is exactly when they'll choose to launch the title.

For years, the WWE series (and all of the WWE 2K era games) had chosen a late Fall release window in September or October.

WWE 2K20 had a release date of October 22, 2019, but some unexpected circumstances led that to change drastically for the launch of WWE 2K22.

With the cancellation of WWE 2K21 and eventual delay to further solidify the quality of the latest title, WWE 2K22 was pushed to a release date of March 11, 2022.

WWE 2K23
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A NEW GENERATION: WWE 2K23 must carry on the success of WWE 2K22

While initially something that seemed likely to be a one-off, the timing of WWE 2K22 launching just three weeks before WrestleMania 38 may have been a major factor in the title's success and overall buzz.

So far, we have no real indications of which of those two release windows they'll go with, but knowing 2K's habits we expect one of two launch dates.


The WWE 2K23 release date is most likely to be either Friday, October 21, 2022 or Friday, March 10, 2023.

This will put WWE 2K23 out either just before Survivor Series or just before WrestleMania, and in either case they'll likely tie the marketing for it into their next major event.

Pre Order, Platforms, Price, and Reveal Trailer

We'll likely learn of the WWE 2K23 release date along with a flurry of other details, including confirmation of platforms, price, and the start of pre orders.

We expect WWE 2K23 to follow the same pricing as the last installment with the Standard Edition at $59.99 on Past Gen (PS4, Xbox One, PC) and $69.99 on Current Gen (Xbox Series X|S and PS5).

It's possible they'll explore a Nintendo Switch version this time as well, but so far there are no concrete indications that is in the works.

All of these details, and the pre order launch, will likely arrive along with the main reveal trailer highlighting the upcoming game.


The NBA 2K franchise normally lands in September with the announcements tending to confirm things in July, about two months prior to launch.

As a result, we expect the confirmation and details for WWE 2K23 to be revealed in either August 2022 or January 2023.

Game Modes and New Features

All of the star game modes from WWE 2K22 are expected to return, including MyGM, MyRISE, Universe Mode, and the 2K Showcase.

MyGM has already continued to expand since the launch of WWE 2K22, so we expect that process to keep going with hopes that next year could have a MyGM option that goes on forever rather than being limited to 50 weeks at most.

MyRISE saw success with the story model they chose this year, so we expect a similar game mode with new stories using the same branching storylines and side quests that worked in WWE 2K22.

Universe Mode will likely remain the ultimate sandbox, and the WWE 2K Showcase is sure to pick a big name as the mode's focus like Roman Reigns or Edge.

With WWE 2K22 largely nailing much of what the franchise had struggled with in recent years, WWE 2K23 will hopefully keep those successes rolling with more refinement and new features to upgrade what's already there.


Cover Star Predictions

The question of who gets the honor as WWE 2K23 cover star is a big one, and it'll be hard to follow the legendary Rey Mysterio who graced the cover of WWE 2K22.

Another legend is likely to be on deck, with Edge being a prime candidate for the cover, but there are three current stars who have strong cases.

Roman Reigns may be the most obvious pick, but it's an understandable one with him now 600+ days into unparalleled dominance as the Universal Champion.

Bianca Belair would by far be the best young star to choose, as she's continued to rise and could help further draw in new fans.

Lastly, the dark horse candidate is "The American Nightmare" Cody Rhodes, who could be a bold choice if WWE 2K23 ends up arriving close to the launch of AEW Fight Forever.