WWE 2K23: How to use custom creations

WWE 2K23 CM Punk Custom Creation

WWE 2K23 CM Punk Custom Creation

Community creations are one of WWE 2K23's best features, which improves the player's immersion in the game. With community creations, fans can download unique superstars, arenas, and titles.

Some fans don't know how to use Community Creations, and this prevents them from fully experiencing WWE 2K23. The feature adds an extra layer to the game and makes it even more exciting to play.

So, let's see how to use custom creations in WWE 2K23.

How To Use Custom Creations In WWE 2K23

Before being able to use custom creations, you will need to download them.

To fully understand how you can download arenas, unique characters, titles, and more, check our Community Creations guide.

After you download the arenas, titles, and superstars you want to add to your roster, you can then use them in matches.

WWE 2K23 Custom Creations
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Custom Creations also allows you to download or upload images

Just go to play, choose a match mode, and then use R1 or RB until you reach the Custom Superstars tab.

All the superstars you downloaded from custom creations will show up there, so you just need to choose which one you want to play with.

Then, before starting the match, click on the arena tab, and choose one of the custom arenas you downloaded.

This will allow you to recreate iconic matches with superstars and arenas that are not in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Custom Creations
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CM Punk is one of the downloadable superstars in WWE 2K23 Custom Creations

It will also allow plenty of fans to finally see their dream matches come true, and use superstars from other promotions.

Community creations also give you the chance to create a superstar or arena and make it available for anyone to download.

WWE 2K23 Creation Suite

The WWE 2K23 Creation Suite is the ultimate customisation tool, allowing you to create your own superstars and turn them into WWE legends.

The Creation Suite gives you a host of items that you can use to make your superstar fit the bill, with superstar-specific and unique items all up for grabs.

WWE 2K23 Creation Suite
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STARTING CLASS - This year's Creation Suite lets you choose a Class from the start

It's easy to get lost in this centre of creativity, with text editors, colour wheels and more quickly getting you engrossed in producing your ultimate customised superstar.

Of course, the creation suite doesn't just enable you to edit your own superstars, you can also create title belts, arenas and entire shows.

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