WWE 2K23 Title Belts: All Championships available in this year's game

WWE 2K23 WWE Championship

WWE 2K23 WWE Championship

WWE 2K23 has plenty of Title Belts. The dream of any fan is to be able to fight for one of these prestigious belts. In the game's new edition, they will be able to do just that.

In WWE 2K23, fans will be able to choose from a plethora of historic titles. They can battle for the WWF title or the present-day WWE Universal Championship.

So, without further ado, let's see all the Title Belts available in WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Title Belts

As mentioned above, there are plenty of titles players can battle for. Being able to choose from classic titles or present-day titles brings a new level of immersion to the game.

One of the titles present in the game is the historic nWo WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Players can recreate historic matches that happened for this belt, or create a whole storyline around it on Universe Mode.

The WWF title, which is considered by many the most beautiful belt in wrestling history, is also on WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Titles
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Some of the titles available in WWE 2K23

Another special title that made it to WWE 2K23 is the ECW World Championship. Matches for this title were known for being extreme, with wrestlers putting their bodies on the line. Wrestlers would do anything necessary to win the title.

The iconic WCW Cruiserweight Championship is also in the game. This title was held by many wrestling legends such as Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Guerrero. Now, fans can also recreate some of the amazing matches had for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship.

There are many Title Belts in WWE 2K23, and below you will find a list with all of them.

All Title Belts available in WWE 2K23

Here is the list of all the Title Belts in WWE 2K23.

Present-day Title Belts

  • WWE Championship
  • WWE Universal Championship
  • WWE United States Championship
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • WWE Raw Women's Championship
  • WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
  • WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
WWE 2K23 24/7 Title
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  • 24/7 Championship
  • NXT Championship 2022
  • NXT Women's Championship 2022
  • NXT North American Championship
  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship
  • NXT United Kingdom Championship
  • NXT UK Women's Championship
  • NXT Tag Team Championship
  • NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship
  • NXT UK Tag Team Championship
  • Performance Center Championship

Historic WWE Title Belts

  • WWE Universal Championship 2016-2019
  • WWE Championship 2013-2014
  • WWE Championship 2005-2013
  • WWE Undisputed Championship
  • WWE Championship 1998-2002
  • WWE Championship 1988-1998
  • WWE Brahma Bull Championship
  • WWE Smoking Skull Championship
  • World Heavyweight Championship
  • World Wide Wrestling Heavyweight Championship
WWE 2K23 Intercontinental Title
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  • WWE Intercontinental Championship 2011-2019
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship 1998-2011
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship 1994
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship 1990
  • WWE United States Championship 2003-2020
  • WWE John Cena Spinner United States Championship
  • WWE United Kingdom Championship
  • WWE Light Heavyweight Championship
  • WWE Divas Championship
  • WWE Women’s Championship 1998-2010
  • WWE Cruiserweight Championship 2001-2007
  • WWE European Championship
  • WWE Hardcore Championship
  • WWE Tag Team Championship 2010-2016
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  • WWE Tag Team Championship 2002-2010
WWE 2K23 Title Belt
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  • World Tag Team Championship 2002-2010
  • World Tag Team Championship 1997-2002
  • Million Dollar Championship
  • NXT Championship 2017-2021
  • NXT Championship 2012-2017
  • NXT Women’s Championship 2017-2021
  • NXT Women’s Championship 2013-2017
  • NXT Tag Team Championship 2013-2017

Iconic Title Belts

  • WCW World Heavyweight Championship 1991-1993
  • WCW nWo World Heavyweight Championship
  • WCW nWo Wolfpac World Heavyweight Championship
  • WCW United States Championship
  • WCW Hardcore Championship
  • WCW Cruiserweight Championship
  • WCW Women’s Classic Championship
  • WCW World Tag Team Championship
WWE 2K23 WCW World Heavyweight Championship
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  • WCW World Tag Team Championship 1991-1996
  • ECW Championship 2008-2010
  • ECW World Championship 2006-2008
  • ECW World Heavyweight Championship 1994-2001
  • ECW World Television Championship
  • ECW World Tag Team Championship
  • UpUpDownDown Championship
  • LeftRightLeftRight Championship
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