WWE 2K23 Best Community Creations: CM Punk, The Fiend & More

WWE 2K23 CM Punk

WWE 2K23 CM Punk

WWE 2K23 is finally here, which also means that the creativity of the wrestling community is once again on show.

Community Creations are undoubtedly one of the best elements of any WWE game and some of the creations already in the game are blowing our minds.

Allowing you to download stars past and present that are absent from the present roster, the creation suite has certainly been put to good use already.

From legends to omitted Superstars, check out the best community creations below

WWE 2K23 Best Custom Creations

There are some serious talents in the WWE 2K community, pouring their heart and soul into creating some of the best CAWs (Create a Wrestlers) in the game.

The Community Creations tab allows you to bring old superstars to life and add them back into your game, with former legends and stars from rival promotions all up for grabs.

WWE 2K23 CM Punk
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CM PUNK, CM PUNK, CM PUNK - Endless talents can be downloaded in WWE 2K23

It may be early days in WWE 2K23, but there are still some brilliant custom creations up for grabs, and these are our favourites.

CM Punk - Slipknuts

CM Punk is one of the first Superstars that every WWE 2K player wants to download.

A darling of the internet wrestling community and a legend of WWE, CM Punk is the man that everyone wants on their roster.

This custom is easily the best on the market right now, with a great entrance, attire and move set on show.

WWE 2K23 CM Punk
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FAN FAVOURITE - CM Punk can be added to your WWE 2K23 Roster

This CAW really brings Punk to life and, thanks to improved technology, the quality gap between CAWs and authentic wrestlers is closing every year.

If you're a CM Punk fan, this man should be an immediate download.

Mandy Rose - BaddestZoweeESP

Another fan favourite missing from the roster this year is Mandy Rose, with the former Otis-loving Superstar removed in WWE 2K23.

This creation certainly brings Rose's move set and attire to life, making it feel like you're once again using an authentic build.

WWE 2K23 Mandy Rose
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ROSE RETURN - Mandy Rose can be downloaded in WWE 2K23

For those Mandy Rose fans out there, this is the CAW for you.

Sasha Banks - BaddestZoweeESP

Another absent female Superstar is Sasha Banks, with the multi-time WWE Champion parting ways with WWE last year.

Banks remains an icon in the eyes of many wrestling fans and she is sorely missed from WWE 2K23.

WWE 2K23 Sasha Banks
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REAL BANKER - Bring Sasha Banks back to WWE 2K23

Thankfully, most of her moves remain in the game and this custom build allows you to bring her back to the roster in style.

The Fiend - RamblinConchairtoUltra

Bray Wyatt has been confirmed to arrive as a DLC Superstar in WWE 2K23, but for those that can't wait, this Fiend CAW is a great option to download.

Bringing Wyatt's iconic character to life, downloading this community creation may be the only way to get this character in the game, as it hasn't been confirmed what iteration of Wyatt will arrive in the DLC pack.

WWE 2K23 The Fiend
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FIENDISH DOWNLOADS - Bring Bray Wyatt's famous persona to life

Either way, this near-perfect CAW is a great way to bring this classic character into WWE 2K23 and strike fear into the hearts of your opponents.

How to Download Community Creations

To access Community Creations, you need to go to the main menu and select the online tab.

WWE 2K23 Community Creations WCW Starrcade 1997 arena
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Fans can recreate and download iconic arenas like the WCW Starrcade 1997 one

Then, select Community Creations and click on it. After that, click on the downloads option.

If you follow all these steps, then you will be able to download unique characters, arenas, titles, images, and much more.

Don't forget that you can also create your unique characters, arenas, or titles, and make them available for everyone to download.

For that, instead of choosing the downloads tab of Community Creations, select the uploads one.

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