How to perform a signature move in WWE 2K23

wwe 2k23 Rey Mysterio

wwe 2k23 Rey Mysterio

A signature move can change the momentum of a match, so it's imperative players know how to perform one in WWE 2K23

This move inflicts a lot of damage to your opponent, and also awards you with a finisher move after being performed successfully. To consistently win matches in WWE 2K23, you will need to perfectly execute your signature move.

So, let's see how to perform a signature move in WWE 2K23.

How To Perform A Signature Move In WWE 2K23

The signature move is the second strongest move a WWE superstar has in their arsenal, with only the finisher causing more damage to opponents.

As mentioned above, this move can completely change the momentum of the match, turning it in your favour. This is what makes the move so strong and important to learn.

In most matches, your signature move won't be available right off the bat. To earn it, you will need to fill in your signature meter. You will be able to fill the signature meter by performing moves and taunting opponents.

When the meter is completely filled, you will be able to perform your signature move and take over the match. To execute your signature move, just press the R2 + Square on PlayStation, or RT + A on Xbox.

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HBK signature move is performed from the top corner

By doing this, you will hit your opponent with a devastating attack and also earn your finisher.

Just like the majority of wrestlers have two finishers in WWE 2K23, they also have two signature moves. What determines the signature move your superstar executes is the position from where its performed.

Furthermore, when superstars are outside the ring, their signature moves are different from the ones performed inside it.

Also be aware that, some wrestlers' signature moves are performed from the top rope, and others while running.

WWE 2K23 John Cena
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YOU CAN SEE ME - John Cena packs a punch in WWE 2K23

So, be sure to check what are the signature moves of your wrestler, both inside and outside the ring, and how you have to be positioned to execute them.

To check your superstar signature moves, just press the pause button, and go to the moves tab. In that tab, you will find everything you need to know about your signature moves.

After performing your signature move, make sure you set up your opponent for the finisher, in order to apply as much damage as possible.

There are plenty of signature moves in WWE 2K23, and when executed to perfection, all of them can be game-changing.

So, be sure to master how to perform a signature move in WWE 2K23.

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