WWE 2K22 New Features: MyGM, MyFACTION, and Every Confirmed Game Mode

WWE 2K22 is now just over six weeks away from launch, and we're learning about many of the new features hitting the series revival.

While more is sure to come soon, here's what we know so far about the WWE 2K22 new features including the new MyGM, MyFACTION, and MyRISE game modes.

Latest - Official trailer goes live as tons of details are revealed

After months of waiting, we finally have the formal announcement of WWE 2K22 as well as an official trailer to go along with that news.

While they've stopped short of dropping many gameplay details just yet or elaborating on the new features in WWE 2K22, there should be more videos in the coming weeks looking closer at all of that.

We've got more details here on all the WWE 2K22 details that were just revealed.

WWE 2K22: All Confirmed New Features & Game Modes

WWE 2K22 is scheduled for launch in March 2022, but we're already learning about some of the major upgrades and innovations hitting the title this year.

At the very core of the title, WWE 2K22 is getting an entirely redesigned gameplay engine as Visual Concepts reworked every dive, kickout, and finisher animation in the game.

To go with the new engine, they're also introducing a new controls scheme that should make things feel even more fluid while allowing more natural breaks and combos than before.

Topping all of that off to bring things together, WWE 2K22 looks to have the most stunning graphics that the franchise has ever seen with Visual Concepts using some of the same techniques that made NBA 2K22 such a gorgeous game.

MyGM (formerly GM Mode)

Easily the most anticipated and requested addition coming to WWE 2K22 will be MyGM, a revamped version of the classic GM Mode introduced with SmackDown vs. Raw 2006.

WWE 2K22 MyGM GM Mode
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MyGM'S DEBUT: The once beloved GM Mode returns in an all new way

After years of requests, WWE 2K22 is finally bringing it back, and what we've seen so far indicates many of the major components will return, including the budget and total fans mechanics.

We know MyGM includes a draft where you can build your brand from the ground up, and you'll work your way up from smaller arenas to true prime time.


This all-new single player game mode reminiscent of MyTEAM in NBA 2K22 will challenge players to build a legendary faction by collecting, managing, and upgraded superstars of the past and present.

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DO IT YOURSELF: Build a legendary faction from the ground up

Visual Concepts also told us that MyFACTION will be the only game mode in WWE 2K22 that utilizes purchasable Virtual Currency or VC, and the items acquired with VC will not provide a competitive edge.

On top of that, all items you can use VC to acquire will be obtainable through gameplay and without spending extra real-world money.

MyRISE (formerly MyCAREER)

With a complete rework having been done, MyCAREER will be rebranded as MyRISE in WWE 2K22, and you'll once again get to start your path as a male or female MyPLAYER.

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WHY SETH WHY: It looks like your MyPLAYER doesn't get along with Rollins

MyRISE should be packed with new storylines and challenges, and Visual Concepts emphasized that they've been listening to fan criticisms of MyCAREER in the past and took those into account when developing MyRISE.

Universe Mode, Creation Suite, New WWE 2K Showcase

Finally, we first have a few returning pieces of the WWE 2K franchise which are getting some upgrades, as Universe Mode is due to offer more control than ever this year.

WWE 2K22 Creation Suite Community Creations
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BRING THE POWER: The new Creation Suite offers more options than ever

The Creation Suite is back with more customization options than ever, and potential upgrades to Community Creations were teased that should be revealed in January 2022.

We'll also get at least one new WWE 2K Showcase, and footage from the trailer showed us it will dive into the legendary career of Rey Mysterio as players take on challenges and objectives representing his most iconic moments.

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