WWE 2K22 Release Date: Showcase & MyRISE Revealed along with Early Access

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With WWE 2K22 out now, we're continuing to learn even more about the upcoming title.

We've got everything you need to know about WWE 2K22, including a full Unlockables Guide.

LATEST - Unlockables Guide

With the game now finally here, WWE 2K22 unlockables are a first goal for most players as they try to gain access to the game's full unrestricted roster as quickly as possible.

We've got details on all the new superstars, legends, arenas, and championships you'll be able to unlock in this WWE 2K22 unlockables guide.

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WWE 2K22 Release Date

After a major delay and the frustration of a non-specific release window, the official worldwide WWE 2K22 release date was March 11, 2022.

However, if you secured a pre order for the Deluxe Edition or nWo 4-Life Edition of WWE 2K22, you could have been in the game as early as March 8, 2022 .

This is a significant change for the series which has traditionally released in October and the Fall during recent years, and we were initially expecting a release date close to October 19, 2021.

While some fans have been frustrated by the delay, it's a positive sign that developers Visual Concepts are committed to only releasing WWE 2K22 when it's truly finished and ready.

WWE 2K22 Review

WWE 2K22 takes on the massive task of rescuing the series after the disastrous launch of WWE 2K20 and non-existent WWE 2K21.

With plenty on the line, is WWE 2K22 the wrestling game we all need, or just another step backward?

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Pre Order gives Early Access, no demo expected

While they didn't do it for NBA 2K22, there's exciting news as WWE 2K22 will officially offer Early Access.

Players will be able to secure Early Access by placing a pre order for the WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition or nWo 4-Life Edition.

WWE 2K22 Release Date
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EARLY ACCESS: Only these two editions will let you play before launch

In addition to all the other in-game content provided as rewards, those players will receive 3-Days Early Access and get to start playing on March 8, 2022.

While there were hopes of a free WWE 2K22 demo, especially after the gameplay issues that WWE 2K20 faced at launch, so far there's been no word of that possibility.

New Features & Game Modes Revealed

Ahead of the official trailer release, the best glimpse of WWE 2K22 was actually given with their "Hit List" Feature Reveal Trailer.

This top 10 ran through some of the innovations coming to WWE 2K22, and it was our first real look at the gameplay in action as well as some of the game modes we'll see when the title arrives.

WWE 2K22 New Features Game Modes
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THE HIT LIST: These 10 innovations are coming to WWE 2K22

MyGM will no doubt take center stage for most fans, as it revives the beloved GM Mode for a new era in WWE 2K22.

You can watch the full trailer here and also get more details on everything new players can expect when the WWE 2K22 release date arrives.

First confirmed roster and ratings reveals arrive

As the WWE 2K22 release date continues to draw near, we're learning more about the game fans can expect when it arrives and the superstars that will be included.

While we've gotten confirmation of many WWE 2K22 roster members already via in-game footage or behind the scenes videos, we're now learning the ratings they'll have as well.

Bobby Lashley was the first reveal posted to social media, but we've also learned about a few legends thanks to the 2K website.

We've got more details here on the WWE 2K22 ratings and how they're looking so far.

MyGM details finally revealed

While we've had relatively limited information about the revival of GM Mode for some time, new WWE 2K22 MyGM details have finally arrived.

In their second Ringside Report, developers with Visual Concepts went over the mode in depth with several glimpses of it in action.

We also got to try the game mode out for ourselves in a limited WWE 2K22 preview, and we've got more details here about our experiences with MyGM.

MyRISE and Showcase revealed

Both the MyRISE and Showcase game modes have now been revealed and there's a few new features on the horizon when the game releases.

One of these features is the new full-motion cutscene mechanic that will put you right in the middle of a real WWE match between Rey Mysterio and his opponent. You'll take on superstars like The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero.

WWE 2K22 release date Showcase
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TAKE ON THE BEST: Live the journey of Rey Mysterio in the Showcase game mode

MyRISE was also a big part of the WWE 2K22 reveal before the release date. You'll have plenty of choices to make as you decide whether to be the face or the heel.

To learn more about the Showcase mode, head here. For more about MyRISE, follow this link.

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