Is Brock Lesnar in the Upcoming WWE 2K24?

Brock Lesnar WWE 2K23

There's a dark cloud over WWE at the moment, which is not what the company needs as it approaches WrestleMania 40. It's also the last thing 2K Games want with WWE 2K24 just weeks from release.

The recent sex trafficking lawsuit against Vince McMahon has mainly focused on those behind the curtain rather than current wrestlers, but there is one wrestler linked to the lawsuit, though not explicitly named, Brock Lesnar.

Is Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K24?

Under normal circumstances, Brock Lesnar would be one of the highest-rated wrestlers in WWE 2K24. However, these are not normal circumstances and Lesnar WON'T be included in the WWE 2K24 roster.

It's worth noting that Lesnar was NOT included in a preview build of WWE 2K24 that RealSport played on 29 January, which already pointed to this end scenario.

Despite this year's Showcase Mode being built around WrestleMania moments, many of which would include Lesnar, the company decided not to include the wrestler in the game, a decision that is easy to understand.

Brock Lesnar in WWE 2K23
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As things stand, it seems WWE 2K23 will be the last entry of Brock Lesnar in the franchise.

From beating The Undertaker's streak at WrestleMania 30 to his wars against Roman Reigns, at least one of the Showcase chapters was likely to focus on Lesnar. Removing it before launch certainly wasn't easy and involved costs that 2K and WWE had not budgeted for, but seems like the right thing to do.

As things stand, it would be a surprise to see Brock Lesnar in any of the upcoming WWE 2K titles.

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