Wuthering Waves Calcharo Build: Best Weapons, Echoes, & Teams

Wuthering Waves Calcharo pull animation.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves Calcharo pull animation.
Credit: Kuro Games

Dominate the battlefield with our build guide for Calcharo, one of the best DPS characters in Wuthering Waves! Calcharo, a 5-star Electro Broadblade user, is a ruthless fighter who commands respect as the leader of the infamous mercenary group, Ghost Hounds.

Calcharo’s true strength lies in chaining Basic and Heavy Attacks during his empowered state, Deathblade Gear, activated by his Ultimate. To maximize his damage potential, focus on filling his Forte gauge and unleashing devastating combos with his Basic Attacks.

Calcharo Expected Release Date and Kit Overview

Calcharo joins the fray as a playable character on launch day, May 22, 2024. You can pull for him on both the beginner's banner and the standard character banner.

Here's a quick rundown of Calcharo’s kit:

  • Gnawing Fangs (Basic Attack)
    • Basic attacks that deal Electro DMG
  • Extermination Order (Resonance Skill)
    • Cast up to 3 attacks, dealing Electro DMG with each hit
  • Phantom Etching (Resonance Liberation)
    • Deals one instance of high-scaling Electro DMG and enters Deathblade Gear state
      • Deathblade Gear: Basic Attack replaced with Hounds Roar and Dodge Counter deals increased damage, considered as Resonance Liberation damage
      • Hounds Roar: Calcharo performs up to 5 consecutive attacks, dealing Electro DMG
  • Hunting Mission (Forte Circuit)
    • Calcharo has two different Heavy Attacks depending on his current state:
      • When he has 3 "Cruelty", his Heavy Attack becomes "Mercy". This attack deals Electro damage and consumes all 3 "Cruelty"
      • The other Heavy Attack is "Death Messenger". This becomes available when Calcharo has 5 "Killing Intent" (which replaces his regular attack gauge under the "Resonance Liberation Deathblade" state), dealing Electro damage and consumes all 5 "Killing Intent"
  • Wanted Outlaw (Outro Skill)
    • Attack the target, dealing Electro DMG
  • Shadowy Raid (Outro Skill)
    • Calcharo summons a Phantom, attacking enemies in front with a slash. The Phantom's attack deals Electro DMG equal to 195.98%+391.96% of Calcharo's ATK.

Calcharo Best Weapons

Calcharo thrives as an on-field DPS, so let's explore weapons that amplify his strengths:

Crit Rate
Increases ATK by 4% upon dealing Basic Attack DMG or Heavy Attack DMG, stacking up to 5 time(s). This effect lasts for 7s and can be triggered 1 time(s) every 1s.
Verdant Summit
Crit DMG
Increases the DMG Bonus of all Resonance Attributes by 12%. Every time Intro Skill or Resonance Liberation is cast, increases Heavy Attack DMG Bonus by 24%, stacking up to 2 time(s). This effect lasts for 14s.
Lustrous Razor
Increases Energy Regen by 12.8%. When Resonance Skill is released, increases Resonance Liberation DMG by 7%, stacking up to 2 times. This effect lasts for 12s.
Helios Cleaver
Within 12s after Resonance Skill is released, increases ATK by 3% every 2s, stacking up to 4 time(s). When the number of stacks reaches 12, all stacks will be reset within 1s.

Calcharo’s best weapon is the 4-star Battle Pass weapon, Autumntrace, ideally at Refinement Level 5. Autumntrace complements Calcharo’s Basic and Heavy attack-based playstyle and boasts the coveted Crit Rate substat that allows you to run a Crit DMG main stat on your main Echo. At Refinement Level 5, Autumntracte will provide a 96% increase in ATK DMG at maximum stacks, and with Calcahro’s playstyle, he will constantly have max stats, taking full advantage of Autumntrace's passive.

Verdant Summit, Jiyan’s signature weapon, is a tremendous 5-star option that will further boost the damage of both Calcharo's Heavy Attacks and Resonance skills. Another 5-star weapon option is the Lustrous Razor. This weapon helps with Calcharo's uptime in his enhanced state, Deathblade Gear, through its Energy Recharge passive. This allows him to unleash his powerful Resonance Liberation attacks more frequently.

As for F2P options, Helios Cleaver (4-star) at Refinement Level 1 provides consistent ATK buffs, even without fully stacking its passive. It's a reliable option for players who don't have access to the other weapons mentioned!

Wuthering Waves Calcharo.
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Credit: Kuro Games

Calcharo Best Echo Set

Like most Resonators, the best Echo formation for Calcharo is 4-3-3-1-1, to optimize the loadout cost of 12. Let's delve into the ideal Sonata Effect, Echo sets, and recommended stats to unleash his full potential.

Sonata Effect
Main Stat
Cost 4
Thundering Mephis
Void Thunder | 5-piece set: When releasing Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill, Electro damage dealt is increased by 15%, stacking up to two times, each lasting for 15 seconds. Main stat
Crit Rate / Crit DMG
Cost 4
Mech Abomination
Lingering Tunes/Endless Resonance | 5-piece set: When in effect, your ATK increases by 5% every 1.5 seconds, stacking up to four times. Outro Skill DMG is increased by 60%.
Crit Rate / Crit DMG

Calcharo’s best Echo Set will be the 5-piece Void Thunder. This set excels for its synergy with Calcharo's Electro-focused abilities. Each Heavy Attack or Resonance Skill has a chance to stack a 15% Electro DMG bonus (up to two stacks), keeping your damage consistently high. Calcharo's Heavy Attack-centric playstyle ensures consistent uptime for this buff!

A 5-piece Endless Resonance is another excellent choice as Calchaor will spend most of his time on-field and fully use the 30% ATK bonus during his Liberation. It will also increase the damage dealt by Shadowy Raid, Calcharo’s Outro skill.

Main Stat
Cost 3
Violet-Feathered Heron
Electro Bonus DMG
Cost 3
Electro Bonus DMG
Cost 1
Young Geohide Saurian
Cost 1
Traffic Illuminator

Echo Substats

For Calcharo’s Echo substats, we recommend prioritizing Crit Rate and Crit DMG, followed by ATK%, Liberation DMG Bonus, and Heavy ATK DMG Bonus.

Calcharo Best Teams

Calcharo excels in a team composition that empowers his devastating Basic and Heavy Attacks, Liberation skills, and Electro DMG potential. Here are some ideal teammates to consider:

  • Main DPS:
    • Calcharo
  • Sub DPS:
    • Yinlin: Not only dishing out powerful AoE off-field damage, she also grants a hefty amount of Electro DMG Bonus and Liberation DMG Bonus with her Outro SKill - Yinlin is by far Calcharo’s best teammate.
    • Spectro Rover: Calcharo's main damage output hinges on his Basic and Heavy Attack combos. Spectro Rover's stagnation field, created by their Outro Skill, makes landing these combos a breeze!
  • Support:
    • Verina: An invaluable asset for any team, Verina offers team-wide damage buffs with her Outro Skill while ensuring Calcharo's survivability through her shields and healing
    • Baizhi: Another great support option for team-wide buffs and healing

Calcharo Talent Priorities

To maximize Calcharo's potential, prioritize these talent upgrades in order of importance:

  1. Resonance Liberation
  2. Forte Circuit
  3. Basic Attack
  4. Resonance Skill
  5. Intro Skill
Wuthering Waves key art.
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Credit: Kuro Games

That concludes our build guide for Wuthering Waves’ Electro powerhouse, Calcharo! Please note these recommendations are based on the second closed beta and may be subject to adjustments upon the game's official release on May 22, 2024. Rest assured, we'll keep this guide updated with any balance changes or new discoveries!

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