Wuthering Waves Concerto System and QTE Mechanics Explained

Wuthering Waves official key art.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves official key art.
Credit: Kuro Games

Wuthering Waves is an an upcoming open-world gacha action RPG, developed and published by Kuro Games. Like many similar gachas, Wuthering Waves features a complex combat system centered around a unique concept, which in this game is known as Concerto Effects.

These effects are triggered by using Concerto Skills (QTEs), for which you need to strategically switch between characters that have different elements. In this guide, we will help you understand the various elements of characters of Wuthering Waves, Concerto Effects, and how to maximize your damage.

How do the Concerto System and QTE work in Wuthering Waves?

In Wuthering Waves, QTEs are character switches triggered by a full energy meter that deal bonus damage and grant the incoming character a resource for their ultimate attack. Players can accumulate Concerto Energy through attacks, skills, Echo Abilities, and other means, leading to the triggering of Concerto Effects that enhance the performance of the character on the field.

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Credit: Kuro Games
Wuthering Waves QTE

Basically, what you need to do is land attacks to build a meter that will let you use QTEs, which in Wuthering Waves are Concerto Skills.

Concerto Skills

In the game, players can switch characters at the moment when Concerto Energy is maxed to carry out the Concerto Skill of the selected Resonator. Each Resonator boasts a unique Concerto Skill that can appear on the battlefield in varying ways and locations. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on how Concerto Skills work: 

  • Building the meter: As you land attacks and use skills, you fill a gauge called the Concerto Energy bar. This bar is displayed next to your health bar
  • Triggering the skill: Once the Concerto Energy bar is full, switching characters triggers a Concerto Skill

Concerto Effects

These effects are triggered by the elemental combination of the characters involved in a Concerto Skill and provide buffs that increase damage and help you in battles in different ways.

Here are all available Concerto Effects in Wuthering Waves:

  • Duet (Havoc + Spectra): Increases all elemental damage for 12 seconds. This effect applies to all elements: Fusion (Fire), Glacio (Ice), Electro (Lightning), Aero (Air), Havoc (Dark), and Spectra (Light).
  • Sustenance (Spectra + Any Element except Havoc): Generates a stagnant field for a short time and recovers 10 Concerto Energy for the character who switched in.
  • Legato (Havoc + Any Element): Increases the current character's Skill damage by 20% for 15 seconds. This bonus stacks if you switch back to the same character before the effect wears off.
  • Unison (Same Element): Deals elemental damage to all enemies in an area of effect.Example: Light + Light element combination triggers Unison, dealing light elemental damage to all enemies within a radius.
  • Ensemble (Fusion, Glacio, Electro, Aero): Increases the current character's Normal and Heavy Attack damage, or Skill damage (depending on the specific QTE) by 40% for 12 seconds. This buff disappears when you switch characters. Example: Aero (Air) + Fusion (Fire) element combination triggers Ensemble, increasing the current character's Normal and Heavy Attack damage by 40% for 12 seconds.

This is all you need to know about the Concerto System in the upcoming Wuthering Waves. While it takes aim at Honkai and Genshin Impact, it is a far darker story and atmosphere, pushing it a step away from the games mentioned above.

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