How to Wall Run in Wuthering Waves

Credit: Kuro Games

Credit: Kuro Games

Do you want to know how to wall run in Wuthering Waves? Kuro Games' new open-world action RPG gives fans the opportunity to do many things in this magical realm, and wall running is definitely one of them. With this guide, you will learn how to make one of the coolest moves in the game.

Although performing this move has some handicaps, it is fundamentally very beneficial and has significant perks. Additionally, you don't have to exert much effort to perform. Thankfully, this is where our guide comes in and provides you with all the details about it.

How Does Wall Running Work in Wuthering Waves?

There are different levels of movement mechanics in the game, with one of the most striking being the wall run. This mechanic appeals to parkour enthusiasts and those who like to overcome obstacles quickly. It allows you to sprint up and along walls, pillars, cliffs, and other things in nature.

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Credit: Kuro Games
Wall running in Wuthering Waves.

To perform a wall run, first locate a structure such as a wall or a cliff. Then, simply sprint towards it. Your character will take care of the rest, allowing you to run along the structure as you wish.

On mobile, you can use the Dash/Dodge button to start sprinting. On PC, you can sprint by right-clicking, on PS by pressing R1, and on Xbox by pressing RB.

Although it looks cool at first, it has some disadvantages. For instance, movements like wall runs can quickly deplete your stamina. It's important to keep in mind that if your stamina runs out while wall running, your character will suddenly stop and fall down.

Wall Running Perks

The perks of wall running far outweigh its disadvantages. This mechanic allows you to quickly overcome structures such as massive cliffs. When wall running, you move 4-5 times faster than climbing at normal speed, saving you time. In short, no more need for tedious climbing.

Another thing is that it allows you to escape from tough enemies during the fight. While engaged in fierce combat, you can quickly flee by using this mechanic to climb high structures, giving you the opportunity to replenish your health or take some breath.

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