Will UFC 4 be FREE on EA Access? Details, Predictions, and more

EA Access gave members early access to UFC 4, but will the MMA game be free at some point in the future?

With both UFC 2 and UFC 3 available to download, what may become of UFC 4?

Here's what were know so far.

Will UFC 4 be free on EA Access?

So just what is EA Access? Well, it's a membership where people can gain access to a library of EA games, early access, and discounts on DLC, titles, and Season Passes.

At the moment, there are no signs of UFC 4 being free on EA Access...at least for now.

The question is, will they add UFC 4 to the library, so members can play it for free with their subscription?

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A SLAMMING SELECTION OF TITLES: There are tons of great games to play on EA Access

At this point, it looks unlikely that UFC 4 will head to the free library anytime soon, but perhaps some other games can give us more insight.

We saw FIFA 20 head to the vault of free games months after release, which certainly makes sense from a business standpoint.

It would arguable that how well UFC 4 performs on release, may influence how quickly it becomes free on EA Access.

Can you get it for less?

EA Access members can get a discount on games for up to 10%.

If you're keen to purchase the game as soon as possible, and guarantee you get in on the action from day 1, we recommend pre-ordering.

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NEW GEAR: Some seriously stylish cosmetics are waiting

Check out our pre-order and editions guide below, which details some of the awesome pre-order bonuses on offer - our favourite of which is the ancient, kickboxer-film style arena and Kumite gear.

PRE-ORDER NOW: UFC 4 for Xbox One and PS4

If you want to become an EA Access member, simply follow the link to sign up!

Release Date

UFC 4 releases for Xbox One and PS4 on 14 August 2020.

For all the latest, from fighter ratings to all-new gameplay mechanics be sure to check back in with us.

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