UFC 4 EA Access: Release Times, Early Access, and Everything you need to know

UFC 4 is arriving with a bang, but for many, they had the chance to step into the virtual Octagon even earlier with EA Access.

And if you're as excited as we are after the latest ratings reveal, then you'll be itching to get started!

But what exactly is EA Access and how does it work with UFC 4?

What time does the game release?

It's looking like the game will release for Xbox One at 4pm PT / 7pm ET / 12am BST, going by the listing on the Microsoft Store.

There is no time listed for PS4 just yet, but we expect it will be around the same time.

EA Access

So just what is EA Access? With all the subscriptions flying around nowadays, you'd be forgiven if you didn't know!

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EA Access is a subscription service currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Along with letting you play the best games, EA has to offer, there are some additional perks.

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MONTHLY OR YEARLY: EA Access is a paid for subscription

There are exclusive early trials for upcoming games, which actually allow your save progress to carry over.

That means you can get a head start on your career mode in UFC 4, or simply get some much-needed practise in before entering the arena.

There's a 10% discount on full games, season passes, and DLC, alongside a substantial catalogue of games including classics like FIFA 20.

But what about UFC 4?

For those on EA Access, UFC 4 was available to play on 7 August 2020. That was a whopping 7 days ahead of the general release.

Perfect for honing those combos, and getting to grips with the all-new submissions feature.

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If you're interested in getting a subscription to EA Access, simply follow this link.

Can you get early access if you pre-order?

Funnily enough, even though it's quite common for this to occur with many titles, for UFC 4 it was not the case.

However, there were still a bunch of in-game bonuses, such as Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua as playable characters. Not to mention some of the Kick Boxer Inspired fighting arenas, and gear.

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ARE THOSE GLOVES ALLOWED? Go all Van Damn on your opponent with the Kumite gear

Make sure to check back in for all the latest fighter ratings and news for UFC 4.

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