*WATCH* UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer OUT NOW: New Features, Gameplay Footage, Release Date, News & more

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With UFC 4 just weeks away, EA has dropped a new trailer for their most popular game mode - Career Mode.

And if that wasn't enough, EA has also released their second batch of fighter ratings for the game!

Check out the trailer below!

WATCH NOW - UFC 4 new Career Mode Trailer

You've heard what to expect, even read our interview with EA's Creative Director Brian Hayes, but have you seen it in action?

Well now you can - check out the all-new UFC 4 Career Mode Trailer below!

Trailer Breakdown

The new trailer takes us through every new aspect of UFC 4 Career Mode and, boy, are there a lot of new features!

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The trailer takes us through training up with Coach Davis, the all-new Fighter Evolution System, the new social media relationship system and much more!

For an in-depth breakdown of how each of the new Career Mode features work, head to our full UFC 4 Career Mode article here.

Career Mode screenshots

Ahead of the Career Mode trailer, EA has released some screenshots as a little tease.

ufc 4 career mode 4
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TRAIN UP - Start from the bottom and become the king of the UFC!

Check them out here.

Release Date and Pre-order

UFC 4 comes out on 14 August 2020, for Xbox One and PS4.

You can pre-order and get access to a ton of in-game extras by clicking the link below!

PRE-ORDER NOW: UFC 4 for Xbox One and PS4

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