PS Plus February 2020 Free Games: Bioshock Collection & Sims 4 available for free!

February's PS Plus free games are now available to download for free if you have a PS Plus membership.

Last month we were blessed with The Nathan Drake Collection, and this month didn't disappoint either.

Keep reading to find out the THREE games that will be available for free download as of next week.

Bioshock: The Collection

PlayStation Espana teased us all by saying a famous saga was dropping, including a Crash Bandicoot GIF, but it is in fact Bioshock: The Collection.

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SHOCKED: We didn't expect Bioshock to arrive on PS Plus

This includes Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite plus all DLC. An unbelievable deal.

The Iconic Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite will be available to download all of February! Anyone who hasn't played this disturbing action-RPG thriller should find some time to head under the sea.

Not only does the series test your moral compass, but the action is also varied and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It's worth downloading for the cinematic scenes in Bioshock Infinite alone!

The Sims 4

Another classic! Simsmania will take over all PlayStation players this month as the simulation throws us back six years to when The Sims 4 was released back in 2014.

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ULTIMATE SIMULATION: Sims fever is set to return

Build the home of your dreams, create a perfect family, get a real job and stop writing about video games for a living! (Sorry mum)

This is a no brainer to download! That is sure to give you HOURS of entertainment!

There is also a ton of DLC content and packs that can expand your experience if you, like millions of others, fall in love with the Sims life.

Firewall Zero Hour

No one saw this one coming, with a 4v4 tactical shooter VR arriving in the form of Firewall Zero Hour.

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ELEVENTH HOUR: There's a VR bonus in February's PS Plus games

Sony is trying to make people buy more VR headsets… I AM SOLD.

This is a game with great reviews and a must-play for anyone fortunate to own a PSVR headset as it is a great example of how First Person Shooters may look in the future!

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Not only is the game great fun – it's also cooperative! Hours of entertainment with your mates… as long as you don't get VR sick!

How to claim free PlayStation games

So long as you have an active PlayStation Plus membership, you will be able to download the free games from the PlayStation Store on your console.

If you're not already a member, you can sign up for 12 months at a fee of £49.99 – this grants you access to the free games of February and the following 11 months, so what are you waiting for?

What other benefits do I get with PS Plus?

Did you know that PlayStation Plus membership also includes 1GB of cloud storage for game saves? That means you can take your save around with you and not worry about dragging your console around.

Additionally, other users who sign in to PSN to play games on your primary PS4 console will be able to play online multiplayer modes in those games.

Exclusive Access

Being a member of PlayStation Plus grants you early access to betas and demos and access to exclusive betas. So, if you want to get a taste of the newest games, Plus is for you.


PlayStation Plus members are granted access to discounts to some the biggest games available on the PlayStation Network.

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These discounts are totally worth it, and let you pick up games for a fraction of the original retail price. Just make sure you've got the storage!

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