Roblox Studio: What is it? Create Games, Get Free Robux & More

Studio is a feature in Roblox that enables creators to... well, create!

There are also a couple of reliable ways to make some quick cash using Studio, so you'll want to take some notes.

What is Roblox Studio

'Studio' is the building tool of Roblox that helps you to create the stuff of dreams... as well as some great games!

jailbreak roblox
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FOR THE CREATORS: This is the go-to tool for anyone who wants to create something in Roblox

It provides our Developers with a more comprehensive and intricate set of tools, which allows for a greater sense of control and creative expression.

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Tools range from simple manipulation of objects or terrain, to entering complex scripts and game functions.

Studio also allows you to test your games in an isolated environment before uploading them to the Roblox website.

Create Games

All users are able to build as many games as they want.

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SURVIVOR: Harness your inner survivor in Natural Disaster Survival

To create a new game, you will need to:

  • Click ‘Create’ in the blue bar at the top of the page
  • In the ‘My Creations’ tab, click ‘Games’ if it isn’t already highlighted
  • Click ‘Create New Game’
  • Choose the settings and templates for your new creation, then click ‘Create Game’

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You will now be able to make the game public, or you can do some more work on it.

Get Free Robux

Purchasing anything from the in-game catalogue requires Robux, the official currency.

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IT’S EASY: Just follow the steps we list below!

And the more you have, the more special items you can buy!

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Using Robux allows users to create game passes and developer products in different games – a touch that cements Roblox as a game of the future.

Besides making free Robux off of the games you make, you can also sell clothes!

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TEMPLATES: You’ll find these all over the internet!

Well, not literally the ones off your avatar’s back – ones you’ve made yourself!

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You can create your very own clothes using templates, but you’ll need to follow a very particular series of steps to do so.

You can also name your own price when listing your piece of clothing, so you better make it good!

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