How to Beat Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight in Resident Evil Village

Just as you'd expect from pretty much any Resident Evil game, Village has a few cool boss fights to test yourself in.

Before we get into it, this guide will have spoilers for the first few hours of Resident Evil Village and the castle area. Turn back now if you're not at the boss fight yet.

The first main boss fight in the game sees you fight Lady Dimitrescu, the tall lady you'll almost certainly know by now.

You've been trying to avoid her for the first few hours of the game, but now is the time to fight her face to face. We've got all the tips you need on how to defeat her.

Escaping the Castle

While the elegant lady is chasing you around the castle, there's nothing you can do, you've just got to try and avoid her.

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MONSTER: She won't look like this anymore

After you've collected all of the statue masks and got out of the castle, you'll find the Dagger of Death’s Flowers in a coffin.

Lady Dimitrescu will quickly attack you and Ethan will stab her with it, changing her into a monster.

Now, you need to fight her atop the castle, but she's a giant flying monster rather than her usual impressive self.

How to Defeat Lady Dimitrescu Boss Fight

The lady's actual body will essentially be riding the monster, although they're one and the same.

It's her body, which is whiter than the rest of the monster, that can take damage, so that's what you need to shoot.

You'll want to get some space between you and her, so running away is a good way to start you attack. Then, you can turn around and aim at her body.

lady dimitrescu, boss fight, resident evil village
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AIM: Use your sniper to do damage

This is the perfect time to use your sniper, as it'll be precise and do a lot of damage. Be sure to make the most of when she flies away from the castle and hovers, as this is a great time to sink sniper rounds into her.

She'll scream and flies will leave her body when you hit her, showing that you're doing damage.

Note that there are extra ammo rounds and other supplies in the tower section, so take a look and grab what you can.

Second Phase of the Fight

If you do enough damage in the first phase, Lady Dimitrescu will grab you and crash into the side of the castle.

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Now, the fight is a lot more up close and personal, so get your shotgun out. The way to beat her is still the same, but you'll need to be a but quicker with your shots to avoid taking too much damage.

Keep doing damage and she should collapse to the ground, taking you down a hole with her.

And that's that, the Lady Dimitrescu boss fight beaten. You can move on to the next area.

We'll have more on the other boss fight in Resident Evil Village soon.

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