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Resident Evil Village Hall of Ablution Pool Statue Puzzle Solution

As you'd expect from pretty much any Resident Evil game, Village features various puzzle for you to solve.

One of the earliest tricky challenges in the game is the statues puzzle in the castle's Hall of Ablution, where you need to move four statues to empty a pool of blood (is it wine??) and progress once you've got access to and passed the courtyard.

If you're struggling, we're here with a quick run down of the puzzle's solution so that you can get past it and continue Resident Evil Village's story.

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How to Hall of Ablution Statue Puzzle Works in Resident Evil Village

There are four statues in the Hall of Ablution room and you can place each of them in two positions.

They each need to be in the right position to solve the puzzle and empty the pool in the middle of the room.

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You can stand behind each of them and press X if you're on PlayStation (A on Xbox) to interact with them, and then move them with the right thumbstick.

Puzzle Hint

If you head to the back of the room, you'll find a plaque on the wall which has a hint for the puzzle's solution and where you need to place the statues in Resident Evil Village.

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TIPS: This is the puzzle's hint

It says "Women are blind to male advances, but the poor shall take their chances to give their lord their bounty sown, so that the wine may flow."

Essentially, that tells you that the statue of the woman with the wine bottle at the front right will not look at the man on the horse, while the statue of the poor will.

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Also, since the girl is holding a wine bottle and the woman is holding a glass, you can tell that they need to be looking at each other.

Hall of Ablution Statue Puzzle Solution in RE Village

Below is a screenshot of exactly where the statues in the room need to be placed. We'll also run you through where they need to be looking in text form.

solve hall of ablution pool puzzle Resident evil village
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EMPTY THE POOL: These are the correct statue positions
  • Statue of three poor need to be looking at the man on the horse
  • Statue of man on a horse need to be looking at the girl with the wine bottle
  • Girl with wine bottle need to be looking at woman with wine glass (she looks somewhat like Lady Dimitrescu)
  • Posh woman statue needs to be looking back at girl with the wine glass

With the four statues in those positions, the pool should empty, revealing a door at the bottom of it that you can go through.

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