How to Get Sniper Rifle in Resident Evil Village

While you start your Resident Evil Village adventure with a knife and a pistol, you'll soon be looking for new weapons to take on the Lycans with.

You'll notice that you're able to buy sniper rounds from the Duke, the merchant, but don't have a sniper weapon to actually use them in.

We're here with a walkthrough on how exactly you get it.

How to Find F2 Rifle Weapon

While you're in the Castle area, the first main one in the game, you'll be tasked with collecting four masks to escape.

Along the way, you'll enter the Hall of Joy and will be able to grab the Mask of Joy. If you then head through the door in that room and enter the Atelier, you'll be faced with a puzzle.

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You'll need to find and ring the five bells in the room - we have a comprehensive guide on how to do that here.

Once you've done that, the big painting at the end of the room will open, revealing a room and a ladder.

Sniper Rifle Location in Resident Evil Village

You'll need to go up this ladder and follow through the rafters. You'll find a treasure map on a table here, as well as a note talking about the Dagger of Death’s Flowers, which can kill monsters.

Be sure to grab those before continuing through the room.

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GRAB IT: F2 Rifle Location

At the end of the corridor, you'll spot the sniper rifle on a chair. It's pretty difficult to miss, and you'll need it for later on in the castle portion of the game.

Grab it, head through the door on the left and continue your Resident Evil Village adventure.

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