How to Redeem Resident Evil Village Pre-Order Bonuses

Resident Evil is a franchise known for creepy monsters and even creepier stories. If you're anything like us, you're looking for any little thing to help you through it. You will need information and items.

Luckily, for those who pre-order, you have a helping hand in the form of a few in-game items. Here's how to unlock them.

How to Redeem the Resident Evil Village Pre-Order Bonuses

If you bought the game digitally, the bonuses should download alongside the game itself. If you bought it physically, there should be a code for the content below inside the game's box or sent to you by the retailer.

If you have a code, you'll need to enter it into the store on your platform of choice and install it once the game is out.

The first thing you get in your Pre-Order package is the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm. Raccoon Zoo's mascot isn't quite as useful as you might expect, appearing to only have cosmetic value.

You unlock him by going to the in-game merchant and he can be attached to your shotgun later in the game.

Moving from here is the far more useful but less nice-looking Survival Resources Pack. In this pack, you'll find handgun ammo, shotgun ammo, a first aid med pack, and a lock pick.

This can also be picked up from the in-game merchant. Happy hunting.

Resident Evil Village
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Any one can stab you in the back

What's in the Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition?

These unlockables are far more varied but a little less obvious. We don't fully know how to unlock them yet but will report back when we do.

First up is the Safe Room Music entitled "Go Tell Aunt Rhody." Although not composed for Resident Evil 7, this is played heavily throughout and it's nice to see it come back. Presumably, this will be unlocked through in-game settings, perhaps after buying it from the merchant.

Moving from here, we find the Mr. Everywhere weapon charm. This likely takes after the Mr. Raccoon charm and can be unlocked in the same way.

If you're getting tired of seeing everything accurately, you can opt to turn on the Found Footage filter from Resident Evil 7. This is presumably activated through the settings.

You can also opt to replace the save device with the tape recorder from Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil Village
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Even creepy with no enemies

This truly seems to like a pack built for the veterans of Resident Evil with the Samurai Edge - AW Model-01. This legendary weapon was used by Chris Redfield, Ethan himself, and Albert Wesker.

If you're a fan of the punishing difficulty of defeating Resident Evil on some settings, then you'll love the Village of Shadows difficulty unlock. This skips the requirement to defeat the game and gives you the hardest mode right out of the box.

If you like the game's art, the Tragedy of Ethan WInters Artwork will appeal to you. This might be a separate download or something you can see in-game.

Finally, we have the Baker Incident Report. We're unsure what this is, but it sounds like a short video or story recapping parts of Resident Evil 7 before you go into the horror of Resident Evil Village. Happy hunting.

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