Best Supreme Collabs

A white blimp model with the Supreme box logo in red on the side.
Credit: Jonathan Cooper

A white blimp model with the Supreme box logo in red on the side.
Credit: Jonathan Cooper

When it comes to finding the best Supreme collabs of all time, there are plenty of options to choose from. Fortunately, we have meticulously delved into the extensive archives of this New York-based brand, which spans almost three decades, to curate a compilation of the most iconic and exclusive Supreme collaborations to date.

With such a large archive to choose from though, and more designs still being added to this day, narrowing it down to just a handful of items means not every collaboration is able to feature.

That said, we've managed to pick out a selection of standout collaborations from the brand's history, including the classic Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Log tee and some of the best Nike Dunks ever made in these "Black Cement" Lows.

We've also covered a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Supreme drops to help you secure your next collaborative item to add to your Supreme collection. So, here's our list of the best Supreme collabs of all time...

Best Supreme collabs

  1. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Logo Tee
  2. Supreme x Nike Dunk SB Low "Black Cement"
  3. Supreme x The North Face Expedition Coaches Jacket
  4. Supreme x Stone Island Hooded Sweatshirt
  5. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bumbag
Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Logo Tee product image of a white tee with a red LV-print box logo.
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Credit: Grailed

1. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Box Logo Tee

Best Supreme collab tee

Supreme's box logo design is one of the most recognisable in the brand's history, featuring on many of the brand's best celebrity photo tees, so when Louis Vuitton decided to put its own spin on things, it was almost guaranteed to be a hit.

Released in 2017, the tee featured as part of a wider Louis Vuitton collaboration which saw the New York-based brand debut on the runway for the first time, thus bringing together the world of streetwear with high-end fashion.

In terms of the Louis Vuitton x Supreme tee design, the shirt arrives in white and includes the classic red Supreme box logo in the centre with the instantly identifiable LV pattern in white.

Interestingly, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme partnership was such a big deal at the time that pop-up shops had to be shut down indefinitely due to the huge crowds gathering to pick up their own piece of the collection.

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Supreme x Nike Dunk SB Low "Black Cement" product image of a black and elephant-print sneaker with red accents.
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Credit: GOAT

2. Supreme x Nike Dunk SB Low "Black Cement"

Best Supreme sneaker collab

Supreme has teamed up with Nike on several occasions, but it's the "Black Cement" Dunk Lows that we think is one of the best sneaker collabs of all time.

They were limited to 500 pairs and were exclusively available in Supreme stores in New York and Tokoyo, the only two cities Supreme operated in back in 2002.

The design is one you may recognise from one of the best Jordan 3 colourways of all time in the "White Cement" 3s, as they feature the infamous elephant-print pattern intertwined with black leather and red accents.

Being the first time Supreme had dropped a sneaker collaboration as well, we feel there's something timeless about these low-tops that makes them one of the best sneaker drops we've seen from the brand.

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Supreme x The North Face Expedition Coaches Jacket product image of a black jacket with a world map graphic printed all over.
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Credit: StockX

3. Supreme x The North Face Expedition Coaches Jacket

Best Supreme collab jacket

In 2014, The North Face put together an extremely hyped collaboration with Supreme, introducing an expansive range of clothing that included the extraordinary Expedition Coaches jacket.

This jacket is adorned with a captivating world map print that virtually covers almost the entire outside, evoking the spirit of '90s outdoor apparel. The map features precise details, marking major cities and notable locations in each country, each thoughtfully labelled as well.

Adding to its distinct nature, the jacket displays an oversized Supreme logo running down the left arm, and on the chest, it features Polo-style flag patches, further emphasising the international motif.

The jacket's design is nothing short of intriguing, making this Supreme x The North Face masterpiece one of the most sought-after and collectible items from the entire SS14 collection.

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Supreme x Stone Island Hooded Sweatshirt product image of a black jumper with a golden Supreme x Stone Island logo in the centre.
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Credit: Kick Game

4. Supreme x Stone Island Hooded Sweatshirt

Best Supreme collab sweatshirt

In the Fall 2014 collection collaboration between Supreme and Stone Island, the two renowned brands placed a strong emphasis on floral prints. However, they also introduced a more understated piece: a sleek black sweatshirt with subtle copper accents.

The sweatshirt features Supreme's unique interpretation of the Stone Island badge, faithfully presented on the signature sleeve patch. Adding to its appeal, thick copper lines adorn the bottom of the sleeves and the edges of the hood. Then, on the back, Supreme's distinct logo boldly stands out, providing a striking contrast to the smaller logo on the front.

Undoubtedly, the Supreme x Stone Island hooded sweatshirt stands as one of the most impressive collaborations from Supreme, boasting exclusivity that makes it one of the rarest Supreme items on the market as well.

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Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bumbag product image of a red bag with a white Supreme and LV logo on the front.
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Credit: StockX

5. Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bumbag

Best Supreme collab accessory

In virtually every Supreme collection, there is a wide array of accessories to cop. A standout example comes from 2017 when Supreme joined forces with the iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton to unveil a remarkable assortment of co-branded bags.

Within this diverse lineup of products, the Louis Vuitton x Supreme bumbag shines as a true masterpiece. Drenched in Supreme's signature crimson hue, it prominently displays the box logo-style branding at its centre, adorned with a subtle white LV logo just beneath it.

Setting it apart from the many items available on the brand's official website, this collaborative bumbag never found its way to the online store. Consequently, it remains one of the rarest and most coveted accessories in the storied history of Supreme, cementing its status as one of the best Supreme accessories ever crafted.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

A ton of questions usually pop up when searching for the best Supreme apparel and accessories. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

How do you buy Supreme collabs?

Supreme clothing and accessories are typically first released in Supreme stores before becoming available online a few days later.

While this approach offers a direct method to obtain Supreme items at their original price, it is not necessarily the easiest option. The demand and hype surrounding Supreme drops often lead to swift sell-outs, requiring you to act quickly to secure your desired items.

Alternatively, you can choose to purchase Supreme items from resellers. These can be independent individuals or dedicated platforms like StockX, which is a particularly great website to buy from as the company authenticates every purchase to ensure you're not buying counterfeits.

When do Supreme drops take place?

Supreme drops tend to take place in-store on Tuesdays and online on Thursdays when in season. Between seasons or during some holidays there are no Supreme drops.

New items are usually released at 11 am EST, or 4 pm BST if you're from the UK. That said, we'd recommend signing up for Supreme's newsletter to keep up to date with the latest drops as there is no official set time for Supreme releases.

Why are Supreme collabs so expensive?

Supreme is undeniably one of the most hyped brands in existence, resulting in its clothing and accessories being among the most sought-after items on the market.

What sets Supreme apart is its historically relatively limited availability and the difficulty in acquiring its products. This scarcity only amplifies the desirability and collectibility of Supreme items.

The brand's collaborations are particularly noteworthy, often involving high-profile brands or celebrities. These partnerships further enhance the value of Supreme items in the resale market, making them even more expensive.

However, it's worth noting that Supreme clothing doesn't always carry exorbitant price tags. In fact, some of its items are relatively inexpensive when purchased directly from retail, compared to the inflated prices seen in the resale market.

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