Best Supreme photo tees: Our top picks of all time

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If you're looking for the best Supreme photo tees around, you've come to the right place.

Unlike some of the best Supreme collaborations, which often fill out a large part of each season's collection, the brand has mostly stuck to just one photo tee release a year since the craze began in 2005.


This makes Supreme's photo tees some of the rarest and most coveted t-shirts from the New York-based brands lineup, especially as collectors eagerly await to find out which celebrity will be next to feature as part of this once-a-year special.

From musical releases, like this Gucci Mane tee, to children's TV icons, like Kermit the Frog, getting a feature, the list of celebrities photographed and printed is varied, so you never really know what's coming next.

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As Supreme's photo tees are such an iconic part of skateboarding history, we've rounded up our favourites using their designs, rarity, and their impact as collector pieces to inform our selection.

We've also answered a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Supreme tees to help you get your hands on some highly sought-after Supreme apparel. Before that though, here's our list of the best Supreme photo tees...

Best Supreme photo tees


Supreme Rick Rubin Tee

Best Supreme photo tees Rick Rubin Tee product image of a grey t-shirt with Rick Rubin cross-legged in the centre.
Credit: StockX

Released as part of the AW21 collection, the Supreme Rick Rubin tee is one of the most recent drops on our list, but that doesn't stop it from being considered one of the best.

The portrait photo is of the legendary record producer Rick Rubin, co-founder of Def Jam Recordings alongside Russell Simmons, and perhaps best known for his work on classic albums with the likes of the Beastie Boys, Jay-Z, and Slayer.

The shirt displays Rubin sitting with his legs crossed whilst wearing, as you'll see with most photo tees, an original box-logo Supreme top as a link to the brand's history.

Ultimately, we're a big fan of this Supreme Rick Rubin tee because we feel it's a great example of what the brand's photo tees are all about - originality.


Supreme Raekwon Tee

Best Supreme photo tees Raekwon Tee product image of a black t-shirt with a Raekwon picture in the centre with Elmo.
Credit: GOAT

Rick Rubin may be one of the most recent, but this Supreme Raekwon tee was the first and is therefore considered by many to be one of the best.

Released in 2005, the shirt features an image shot by Kenneth Capello of Wu-Tang Clan member Raekwon holding a ‘tickle-me’ Elmo whilst wearing the original box logo tee.

Accompanying him in the image is his bodyguard wearing a Supreme shirt and a New York Yankees baseball cap.

The Supreme Raekwon tee is also one of the rarest as Sesame Street's legal team filed a lawsuit shortly after its release, which resulted in the instant removal of the merchandise, so only a handful were ever released.


Supreme Gucci Mane Tee

Best Supreme photo tee Gucci Mane Tee product image of a red t-shirt with Gucci Mane pictured with his signature in the centre.
Credit: StockX

Never one to shy away from controversy, Supreme released this Gucci Mane tee in 2016 whilst the Atlanta rapper was under house arrest.

Although controversial, Gucci Mane was the centrepiece of news at that time, with the term “Free Guwop” frequently used in support of the artist.

Most notably, fellow Zone 6 native 21 Savage released an entire EP under the title "Free Guwop" in reference to Gucci Mane's incarceration.

With so much hype surrounding the rapper at the time though, his photo tee unsurprisingly sold out in seconds, much like some of the best Jordan collabs, making it one of the most collectible Supreme items to this day.


Supreme Neil Young Tee

Best Supreme photo tees Neil Young Tee product image of a red t-shirt with Neil Young pictured in the centre wearing a white box logo tee and a black hat.
Credit: StockX

There are many reasons why we feel this Supreme Neil Young tee is one of the best; however, what particularly stands out about the shirt is the fact that Neil Young is one of the oldest celebrities to ever feature on a photo tee.

At 69 years of age at the time, Young's inclusion went against the grain of what Supreme had put out previously, although this is what we think makes this photo tee so unique.

Also, in an interview with Supreme, Neil Young talks about his great respect for the younger generations, arguably Supreme's target audience, and the kids of 2015 contributing to the future of the world as intelligent individuals.

As a result, we feel the meaning and individuality of this Supreme Neil Young tee make it one of the best from the brand's range of musician-based shirts.


Supreme Kermit Tee

Best Supreme photo tee Kermit product image of a grey t-shirt with Kermit pictured in the centre wearing an original Supreme box logo tee.
Credit: StockX

Deciding upon the best Supreme photo tee of all time is tricky as there have been so many iconic shirts released over the years, with honorable mentions including Kate Moss, Dipset, and Mike Tyson.

However, we feel this Supreme Kermit tee is up there as one of the best as its originality is arguably unrivaled by any of Supreme's photo tees both past and present.

Rather than a real-life celebrity, Supreme opted to photograph one of the most beloved children's television characters in Kermit the Frog for its 2008 release.

Shot by Terry Richardson, the image sees Kermit rocking the classic box logo shirt in what is perhaps one of the most recognisable photos in the history of streetwear.


All in all, we feel it's definitely hard to look past this iconic shirt when thinking about the best Supreme photo tees of all time, especially as it also spawned one of the best Supreme accessories in the brand's history as well.

Frequently asked questions about Supreme photo tees

A ton of questions usually pop up when searching for the best Supreme apparel and accessories, including their iconic photo tees.

Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

When does Supreme release its photo tees?

As touched on in the intro, Supreme typically releases just one photo tee a year since the now iconic range began back in 2005.

For instance, Supreme's FW 22 collection saw the reveal of this year's André 3000 release, the only photo tee in the entire range.


As to when Supreme drops take place, you can usually find new releases on Tuesdays in-store and Thursdays online when in season. Between seasons or during some holidays there tend to be no Supreme drops.

New items are usually released at 11am EST, or 4pm BST if you're from the UK. That said, we'd recommend signing up for Supreme's newsletter to keep up to date with the latest drops.

Where can you buy Supreme photo tees?

Almost every Supreme clothing drop occurs in Supreme stores first, then online a couple of days later.

Although this is the most direct method and allows you to secure Supreme items for their retail price, it's by no means the easiest.

Supreme drops are notorious for selling out fast due to hype around the brand, particularly its photo tees, so you'll have to act fast to get to the front of the queue in order to secure your shirt.

Alternatively, you can buy Supreme items from resellers. It's possible to do this directly through the reseller, or you can go through dedicated sites like StockX, which helps ensure the items you are purchasing are genuine through its authenticity process.


Does Supreme restock its photo tees?

On occasion, Supreme will restock items on its website, including photo tees; however, they rarely restock its most popular products which tend to sell out fast.

Supreme's FAQ section suggests frequently checking back in if an item you're looking for is not available at the time you were on the website.

Can you return Supreme photo tees?

According to the Terms and Conditions, Supreme accepts returns on items brought through the brand directly, which should include photo tees

You'll either receive store credit or a full refund if the items are returned in perfect, unworn, condition with the original tags.

You have 14 days from receipt of your order to request a return via the returns form that should arrive with your package.


Why are Supreme photo tees so expensive?

Supreme itself is one of the most hyped brands in existence, which results in its clothing and accessories being some of the most highly sought-after items around, hence their high resale value.

Moreover, Supreme's releases tend to be incredibly limited and hard to get hold which, in turn, makes them more desirable and collectible to some.

As mentioned, Supreme photo tees are usually limited to just one release a year as well, making them even harder to come by and, therefore, more costly.

So, while not initially overly expensive, Supreme photo tees are usually among some of the most expensive Supreme items on the resale market.

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