Best Nike collabs 2023: Our top sneaker picks

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There have been a lot of great sneaker collaborations in recent years, with Nike, as usual, contributing heavily to the scene. As a sneaker fan though, you may be wondering what are the best Nike collabs around right now.

As sneaker fans ourselves, we were curious too. Therefore, we've put together a list of what we believe to be some of the most iconic and interesting collaborations released as of late to help you find an answer.


Unsurprisingly, there have been a ton of amazing designs dropped over the last few months, some of which could even be considered amongst the best sneaker collabs of all time. So, narrowing things down did prove tricky.

We have managed to pull together a small selection of our favourites though for this list. Of course, choosing the 'best' is completely subjective; however, we've tried to include a range of different designs to suit a variety of tastes.

The Off-White x Nike Terra Forma collab springs to mind as a design that might not be everyone's cup of tea. However, Off-White is never one to shy away from bold, ambitious designs, and for us, the sheer level of detail is something that should be recognised.

So, without further delay, let's get into what we believe are the best Nike collaborations around right now...

Best Nike collabs


NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Low "Certified Lover Boy"

Best Nike collabs - NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Low "Certified Lover Boy" product image of an all-white low-top with Certified Lover Boy on the midsole.
Credit: Nike

When looking back through some of Nike's more recent collabs, the "Certified Lover Boy" NOCTA AF1s stood out as being up there with some of the best.

NOCTA, Drake's own streetwear label, hasn't tampered too much with what makes one of the most popular Air Force 1s in history, the "White" '07 Low, so great.

Rather than applying radical changes, NOCTA has subtly enhanced the silhouette with nods and references to what Nike has said is Drake's favourite book - Love You Forever.

That's why you'll find "Love You Forever" on the midsole, and complementary hearts replacing the stars on the outsole.


Inside, you get NOCTA branding on top of a baby blue insole, while outside you'll notice alphabetical beads that customise the lace dubraes. All in all, we're a huge fan and think this NOCTA collab deserves its spot on our list.

Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 Low "Black"

Best Nike collabs - Slam Jam x Nike Air Force 1 Low "Black" product image of an all-black low-top with mesh and leather panels.
Credit: Nike

Moving on to another simple yet effective Air Force 1 collaboration in this Slam Jam AF1 Low.

Dressed from head to toe in black, there's nothing bright or bold about the design. In fact, Slam Jam has simply provided a subtle remix of the Air Force 1s core construction.

Some of the subtle changes made include the replacement of the usual leather mid-panel with mesh, tweaking the perforated toebox arrangement to form the Slam Jam logo, plus the "Nike Air" branding on the heel has been flipped.


Overall, the changes are rather understated, but it certainly makes this Air Force 1 unique. And, if you're not a fan of the Black colourway, Slam Jam and Nike have released a White variation as well. On the whole, a great collab.

Off-White x Nike Terra Forma "Summit White and Psychic Purple"

Best Nike collabs - Off-White x Nike Terra Forma "Summit White and Psychic Purple" product image of an off-white high-top with a spiked sole and purple accents.
Credit: Nike

The aforementioned Off-White x Nike Terra Forma collaboration is one that'll turn heads on your feet. However, the design is said to reinvent previous Terra Forma styles from the '80s with a more futuristic twist, which we feel they've definitely achieved.

Not only that, but you'll notice several of the late Virgil Abloh's signature details throughout. For instance, the shoe features a huge, Purple, oversized tongue, plus the sole unit features protruding spikes surrounded by a gravel-like pattern.

The shoe itself is made from a combination of suede and mesh with a custom woodgrain texture in keeping with the hiking boot style.


We haven't even touched on the huge "Lightly" message underneath, or the multi-coloured pattern toward the heel. There's simply so much design going on here that we had to include it on our list.

Stüssy x Nike Air Penny 2 "Vivid Green and Black"

Best Nike collabs - Stüssy x Nike Air Penny 2 "Vivid Green and Black" product image of a black and green mid-cut sneaker.
Credit: Nike

Back to something a little more reserved. This Stüssy x Nike Air Penny 2 release is, in our opinion, a great example of two brands joining forces to put together a great design.

Stüssy's iconic look is present throughout. From the lateral side branding, Black and Vivid Green colour scheme, and even the predominately suede construction, there's a lot of skateboarding influence here.

Our favourite features of this collab though are the visible Nike Air bubbles and the bright Red traction patterns underneath to contrast the predominately darker colour scheme.


Ultimately, this Stüssy release ticks a lot of boxes in our books, and should definitely make a great addition to any sneaker collection.

Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 TL "Pinksicle"

Best Nike collabs - Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 TL "Pinksicle" product image of a pin sneaker with metallic silver Supreme branding.
Credit: Nike

Rounding off our list, we're putting forward this Supreme Air Max 98 TL as one of the best Nike collaborations so far.

The "Pinksicle" colour scheme is bold, but we think that's part of what makes it one of the best Air Max sneakers around. To stand out even more, the shoe comes with a reflective TPU overlay to keep your footwear visible, even in the dark.

The shoe is also made from a mix of synthetic leather and mesh, plus you get full-length visible Air bubbles underfoot in keeping with the original '98 style.


To top things off, reflective co-branding can be found on the tongue, sides, and heel, thus completing this unique and overall amazing collaboration.

Frequently asked questions about Nike collabs

You may have a few questions about Nike collabs when searching for the right one to add to your collection. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

Where can you buy Nike collabs?

Most Nike collaborations can usually be found at the Nike store, although more popular drops usually take place on Nike's SNKRS launch page specifically.

Not only do new sneakers arrive there, but the page also announces release dates ahead of time. You can also sign up to push notifications to ensure you're completely prepared for new arrivals.

Alternatively, you may find new collaborations released with whichever brand Nike is working with.


For instance, Supreme dropped the "Pinksicle" Air Max 98 on its own website rather than through Nike. As a result, we'd suggest you check both brands whenever you're buying a collab.

Our final recommendation for buying Nike collabs is to check out resale marketplaces like StockX or GOAT, especially if you're after a particularly sought-after release, and end up missing out on the chance to buy it at retail.

Fortunately, both companies authenticate every purchase you make to ensure the second-hand shoes you're buying are legitimate to reduce the likelihood of you spending money on counterfeits.

For more information on this, make sure you check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

When are new Nike collabs released?

Neither Nike nor the brands it collaborates with really have a set timeframe for when they release their latest designs.

As is the case with adidas collabs, new sneakers tend to just consistently drop throughout the year, seemingly at random times.


There are some instances where new collabs are released at specific times, like, for example, if a design ties into a holiday such as Christmas, or when a design is made for an anniversary.

By and large, though, there's no definitive date or time when new Nike collabs are released, so it's worth keeping an eye on Nike and its social media's to stay on top of when new collaborations come out.

That said, we try to cover any new drops ahead of time on RealKit. So, if you're looking for the latest Nike collabs, make sure you check in with us to see what's on the horizon.

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