Best Supreme accessories: Our top picks of all time

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There are few items around today that are more unique than some of the best Supreme accessories released over the years.

Despite being seemingly designed at random, Supreme's long list of unexpected collectibles has garnered them somewhat of a cult following, with fans eagerly anticipating what out-of-the-ordinary item Supreme will release next.


With so much hype around them, some of Supreme's accessories have gone on to become some of the brand's most highly sought-after items of all time, alongside some of the best Supreme collabs of course.

Therefore, we've decided to put together a list of some of the most iconic Supreme items released over the years based on their designs along with originality and uniqueness.

We've also made sure to take recent releases, like The Great China Wall x Supreme collection, into account to ensure we've covered all accessories on offer.

So from functional items, like this Supreme Longevity Soup Set, to some slightly more novelty products, like the Supreme Kermit the Frog Kubrick, we've rounded up the very best accessories right here.

Stick around as well because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding Supreme accessories to help you secure your next collectible item. With that in mind, let's get into it...

Best Supreme accessories


Supreme x Medicom Toy Kermit the Frog Kubrick

Best Supreme accessories Supreme x Medicom Toy Kermit the Frog Kubrick product image of a Kermit toy wearing a white box logo tee.
Credit: GOAT

Released in 2008, this Supreme Kermit the Frog Toy debuted alongside one of the best Supreme photo tees of all time and is perhaps the most intriguing accessory the brand has ever produced.

Much like the tee, the beloved Muppets character comes dressed in the iconic white and red Supreme box logo shirt, a design that inspired the Supreme Air Force 1s, as a nod to the brand's history.

Other than that, the toy has been kept relatively simple, featuring autonomous, removable parts and Kermit's regular joyful expression.


Although mostly a novelty item, we feel the classic Medicom Kermit the Frog Toy is one of the best accessories we've seen from Supreme over the years.

Supreme x Spalding Gonz Butterfly Basketball

Best Supreme accessories Supreme x Spalding Gonz Butterfly Basketball product image of a white basketball with a floral butterfly pattern.
Credit: Sotheby's

Supreme has a long history in sports, with the brand originally gaining a large following among the skateboarding community. However, we feel it's the label's venture into basketball where some of the best accessories have been made.

For example, this Supreme x Spalding Gonz Butterfly Basketball features an incredibly intricate pattern that emulates the butterfly design from the Gonz Butterfly tee released in the same collection.

The rest of the basketball arrives in white, with Supreme branding featuring right across the centre in the iconic box logo font.


So, if you want to sink threes into your basketball hoop or just want a great display piece, then make sure you check out this amazing Supreme basketball.

Supreme Longevity Soup Set

Best Supreme accessories Supreme Longevity Soup Set product image of a white bowl and soup spoon featuring a red and blue pattern.
Credit: Grailed

When it comes to homeware, Supreme's Longevity Soup Set is arguably one of the most collectible and recognisable accessories made by the label.

It features a traditional, detailed longevity set pattern around the bowl and on the face of the spoon, which is then made complete by the red Supreme box logo that's integrated into the design.

Away from its pattern, the set is completely functional too, making it a rather practical item to have as part of any hypebeast's home setup.


On the whole, this soup set looks to be both an interesting collector's item and a functional bit of kit that can be used every day if you desired.

Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster

Best Supreme accessories Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster product image of a red and light blue pair of water guns.
Credit: Supreme

From practical to something a little more novelty with the Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster from the brand's 2022 Spring/Summer collection.

Arriving in both blue and red, these semi-automatic water cannons look to be the ideal accessories to add a little fun to a hot summer's day.

In terms of their effectiveness, the SpyraTwo blaster boasts a 46 ft. maximum power range along with 22 water blasts per charge.


As a result, the Supreme x SpyraTwo Water Blaster teams everything you need from a water cannon with the instantly recognisable style of the Supreme brand, thus making it a great accessory.

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Supreme x Louis Vuitton Malle Courrier Trunk

Bes Supreme accessories Supreme x Louis Vuitton Malle Courrier Trunk product image of a red monogram case.
Credit: Sotheby's

If it's practicality you're after though, then this Supreme x Louis Vuitton Malle Courrier Trunk might be your answer.

This container is arguably the ultimate solution to any hypebeast's storage problems as it measures 22 1/4" x 29 3/4" x 19 1/4" in size.

However, this solution doesn't come cheap as the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Malle Courrier Trunk is one of the most collectible and highly sought-after accessories around, resulting in the container commanding a huge asking price on the resale market.


However, that doesn't take away from the fact that it is still one of the best Supreme accessories we've seen, something which is reflected across the entire Louis Vuitton collaboration released in 2016.

Frequently asked questions about Supreme accessories

A ton of questions usually arise when looking through some of the best Supreme accessories. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

When do Supreme accessories drop?

Supreme drops tend to take place in stores on Tuesdays and online on Thursdays when in season. Supreme seasons typically include its Spring/Summer collection and Fall/Winter arrivals.

New items are usually released at 11am EST, or 4pm BST if you're from the UK. That said, we'd recommend signing up for Supreme's newsletter to keep up to date with the latest drops as there is no official set time for Supreme releases.

Where can you buy Supreme accessories?

You can find a whole selection of Supreme accessories on the brand's online store right now. However, given Supreme's immense popularity, these items tend to sell out fast.


Therefore, if you're not able to secure an accessory through Supreme directly, then we'd recommend looking at the resale market on dedicated marketplace websites like StockX that perform authenticity checks to ensure the items you are purchasing are legitimate.

Can you return Supreme accessories?

According to the Terms and Conditions, Supreme accepts returns on items brought through its store, including its accessories.

Online store credit or a refund is offered if items are returned in perfect, unworn, condition with the original tags.

You have 14 days from receipt of your order to request a return via the returns form that should arrive with your package.

How long do Supreme accessories take to arrive?

According to Supreme's FAQs, shipping times will vary depending on your location.


For example, UK orders placed before 4pm will typically arrive within three to five working days, while central Europe orders should arrive within five business days.

Supreme goes on to state that orders placed in any other country may take up to 10 working days to arrive.

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