Best Nike Basketball Shoes 2024

Someone in white Jordan socks with purple, red, and black trim wearing a pair of black, white, and red Nike Precison 7 sneakers.
Credit: Nike

Someone in white Jordan socks with purple, red, and black trim wearing a pair of black, white, and red Nike Precison 7 sneakers.
Credit: Nike

There are a lot of great basketball shoes out there from a variety of different brands. While adidas is a top contender, Nike dominates the NBA scene, boasting endorsements from stars like LeBron James alongside having numerous Jordan athletes on its roster. This means it makes a lot of sneakers, so choosing the best Nike basketball shoes can be a daunting task if you're in the market for a new pair—that's where our list comes in.

We've collated some of the best basketball shoes Nike has to offer and put our top picks into one comprehensive list, taking into account price, reviews, and, of course, features and technology they offer. These features include the likes of Nike Air Zoom units that can help provide energy during take-off, and unique traction patterns that provide grip no matter what direction you're traveling.

That's only the start of it, as each basketball shoe Nike creates is tailored to different needs and areas of the game, which we help break down in each description below to make finding the right sneakers for you that little bit easier. Let's begin...

Best basketball shoes from Nike

  1. Nike LeBron XXI - the best choice for most people
  2. Nike Precision 7 - best budget pick
  3. Nike Ja 1 - a top choice for point guards
  4. Nike KD16 - an excellent alternative for forwards
  5. Nike G.T. Jump 2 - the best option for ankle support
Nike LeBron XXI product image of an orange and pink gradient sneaker with lime gree, blue, and purple trim as well as a black tongue and interior.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike LeBron XXI

Best Nike basketball shoe overall

Kicking things off with the Nike LeBron XXI makes a lot of sense seeing as it's made for one of the greatest basketball players of all time in "The King" himself.

Part of what makes the shoes so great is the fact they're inspired by a shell, with an exposed heel and a quilted, perforated foam tongue providing a plush feel. They feature a lightweight mesh upper too, reinforced with a 360-degree zonal cabling system to ensure optimal containment and stability as you fly up the court.

The shoes include Air Zoom units in the heel and forefoot as well for supportive landings and a propulsive feel, paired with soft, springy foam for added comfort. The dimensional mesh upper, with zonal perforations and ventilation, mimics shell veining to improve breathability, while a strong, top-loaded plastic plate provides stability and added snap during takeoff.

The Nike LeBron XXI really is an excellent basketball shoe, featuring all the necessary technology to make it a well-rounded choice for the court, regardless of whether you're a seasoned baller or someone just starting their basketball journey.

Reasons to buy:

  • It's lightweight but supportive thanks to Nike's cable system
  • Air Zoom units add comfort to the ride
  • The top-loaded plate gives better snap during take-off

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Nike Precision 7 product image of a black low-top basketball shoe with red and white trim.
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Credit: Nike

2. Nike Precision 7

Best budget Nike basketball shoe

Buying new shoes for any sport can be expensive when you look at the absolute top end of the scale. In the case of the Nike Precision 7 though, you're looking at one of the best budget basketball shoes Nike has to offer.

They are still not the absolute cheapest sneakers you can buy, but they're pretty good value for money considering they're designed to deliver optimal performance and comfort on the court. For instance, you get plush foam on the collar and tongue for enhanced comfort around the ankle and over the top of the foot, and a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool and secure throughout an entire game.

In addition to their comfort, the Nike Precision 7 shoes offer exceptional support and traction. The sculpted foam midsole provides a soft yet supportive cushioning that accommodates the nonstop movements of the game, while the herringbone traction on the outsole adds multidirectional grip, ideal for players who rely on their quickness and cutting ability. The rubber wrapping up the sides of the forefoot then enhances traction around the edges, and the strategically positioned laces and midfoot webbing loops keep your feet securely in place.

As they're lower-cut, the shoes offer increased ankle mobility as well, and a visible cutout in the foam helps to reduce weight, making them a lightweight and agile choice for any basketball player.

Reasons to buy:

  • It's one of the cheapest Nike basketball shoes you can buy
  • It is packed with foam for superior comfort on the court
  • Each shoe is cleverly designed to keep weight to a minimum

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Nike Ja 1 product image of a black basketball shoe featuring a light green Swoosh down the side as well as purple accents around the heel and midsole.
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Credit: Nike

3. Nike Ja 1

Best Nike basketball shoe for guards

Ja Morant is one of the best guards in the NBA which, of course, comes down to his skill first and foremost. However, his sneakers play a part in his success, hence the inclusion of his signature Ja 1 sneakers here.

Like many Nike basketball shoes, the forefoot features an Air Zoom unit that provides increased responsiveness and energy returns, allowing you to sky higher and move faster on the court. You get plush cushioning in the midsole too, ensuring a more comfortable landing during defensive and offensive plays, which also helps to protect your joints in the process.

To ensure stability and control during quick movements, the Nike Ja 1 features a containment system and a forefoot strap, helping keep your ankle and heel 'locked-in'. This support is crucial when changing directions at high speeds or guarding agile opponents, while the lightweight, breathable upper helps to keep feet cool throughout a game.

Additionally, the shoes feature raised foam collars that add extra ankle support for a more secure and comfortable fit that can, ultimately, help you perform at your best.

Reasons to buy:

  • Tailor-made for one of the best guards in the NBA
  • The raised foam collar helps protect your ankles
  • Features an Air Zoom unit in the forefoot for added responsiveness

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Nike KD16 product image of a black and red sneaker with white trim and icy blue midsole details.
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Credit: Nike

4. Nike KD16

Best Nike basketball shoe for forwards

As a forward like Kevin Durant, you need a set of sneakers capable of withstanding the rigors of covering the court across all four quarters. Introducing, then, Nike and Durant's KD16.

Drawing inspiration from the previous model, the KD15, the KD16 includes a bottom-loaded forefoot Zoom Air unit, delivering extra pop and snappiness at high speeds to cover the ground with ease. You get responsive full-length foam too, ensuring a soft, comfortable ride underfoot, while grooves and ridges in the sole offer multidirectional traction and an enhanced court feel. Nike has also included what it refers to as a 'stiff piece' under the arch that contributes to stability and smoother heel-to-toe transitions.

The upper of the KD16 is made from multilayer lightweight mesh, offering a broken-in feel from the first wear. However, you get added thickness in strategic areas to minimize small movements, keeping the foot securely in place for added stability and to help prevent injury.

In short, the KD16 has all the tools needed to help you succeed as a forward, even if your skills don't quite match Durants' just yet.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed for covering the court quickly with responsive Air units
  • The thicker upper sections help to contain your feet
  • They can provide a smooth heel-to-toe transition with the stiffer arch

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Nike G.T. Jump 2 product image of a black high-collared basketball shoe with a white pattern across its upper to match the sole unit.
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Credit: Nike

5. Nike G.T. Jump 2

Best Nike basketball shoe for ankle support

As the name suggests, the Nike G.T. Jump 2 is a sneaker designed to help you fly, but it's actually the higher collar we're interested in because it can provide your ankles with the extra support they need if you're intent on maximizing your protection.

We also have to talk about the Zoom Air units once again though, which are strategically placed in the bottom layer of the upper and forefoot to give greater energy returns. Complemented by a jump plate wrapped in durable rubber, the G.T. Jump 2 offers enhanced support and resilience alongside Nike React foam in the heel for superior cushioning and comfort, absorbing impact during sudden and powerful landings.

The molded heel's engineered curve further enhances energy absorption, while the heel and collar design offers lightweight containment and precise foot movement management. Nike has also given the shoes an exoskeleton look and feel thanks to a clever use of negative space to help maintain lightness as well.

What's more, the shoes have a data-informed herringbone traction pattern that can deliver exceptional grip, with linear and lateral lines providing multidirectional traction to minimize slipping. This, alongside everything else, helps make the Nike G.T. Jump 2 the ultimate choice for basketball players seeking agility, support, and a competitive edge on the court

Reasons to buy:

  • The higher collar adds support around your ankles
  • The shoes feature jump plates to give a greater spring during takeoff.
  • You get a data-informed herringbone traction pattern underneath

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That wraps things up! Hopefully, you've managed to find the perfect Nike basketball shoes for your needs using our guide. Stay tuned for more like this here at RealKit.

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