Best Jordan golf shoes 2023

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The best Jordan golf shoes can help take your golf game to the next level. However, finding the right pair of shoes for you isn't always so straightforward.

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of what we believe to be the best golf shoes from Michael Jordan's signature sneaker brand based on price, reviews, and any unique features that make these cleats stand out from the crowd.


However, as there are so many Jordan golf adaptations available these days, narrowing it down to just a handful of top picks isn't as straightforward as you might think.

Things get even trickier when trying to pick between a spiked or spikeless set. Due to this, we've included a variety of golf shoes in our list to cover all bases and preferences.

So, regardless of whether you prefer spiked cleats, like these "White Cement" 3s inspired by one of the best Air Jordans of all time, or spikeless footwear like the Jordan ADG 4s, we've got you covered right here.

We've also answered some of the most frequently asked questions about golf shoes to help you come to an informed decision on which Jordan model is right for you and your play style. So, without further delay, let's begin...

Best Jordan golf shoes

Best Jordan golf shoes - Air Jordan 12 Golf "Laser Game Royal"

Best Jordan golf shoes Air Jordan 12 product image of a white leather sneaker with blue accents and lasered mudguards.
Credit: Nike
Spikes: Yes | Material: Leather

The "Laser Game Royal" 12s feature a unique design that pays homage to some of the best Jordan 12 colourways of all time.


The uppers, for instance, arrive in classic white leather with Game Royal overlays. However, the sneakers also come with a laser-etched mosaic which features imagery that pays homage to Michael Jordan’s career as well as the significance of Tinker Hatfield’s original designs.

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In terms of performance, these sneakers come with outsole spikes which should offer stability and traction on the course to help you deliver your best swing possible.

All in all, these spiked golf shoes look to be a top pick for both style and on-the-course performance. If you don't like the design though, then make sure you check out the similar "Driftwood" 12s as an alternative.

Best spiked Jordan golf shoes - Air Jordan 3 Golf "White Cement"

Best Jordan golf shoes Air Jordan 3 product image of a single white shoe with grey and black details around the heel and toe.
Credit: Nike Air Jordan
Spikes: Yes | Material: Leather

We feel there's a lot to like about these Jordan 3 golf shoes, most notably their stylish design which replicates the "White Cement" style from the original 1988 silhouette.


In fact, as mentioned in our comparison of the Jordan 1 and Jordan 3, the OG '88 release was the first to introduce the iconic Jumpman logo, and has since been Retro'd numerous times evidenced by this 2011 release.

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White leather provides the base while hints of red appear around the laces and the inner lining to deliver a contrasting pop of colour. You also get the usual elephant print pattern across mudguards as a nod to one of the Jordan 3's most iconic details.

These shoes also come with spikes which, again, should provide you with excellent traction as you tee off or whilst you're looking to remain in control on the green.

They're definitely a more premium option, however, if you've got the budget, then we feel the "White Cement" golf shoes, inspired by one of the best Jordan 3 colourways of all time, are definitely worth checking out.

Best spikeless Jordan golf shoes - Jordan ADG 4

Best Jordan golf shoes ADG 4 product image of a white sneaker with red details.
Credit: Nike
Spikes: No | Material: Leather

These ADG 4s look to be an excellent pick if you're of spikeless Jordans to rock on the course. Due to their combination of supple, full-grain leather uppers and Nike React midsoles, they are designed to be extremely comfortable to wear.


However, the key talking point surrounding these shoes is their lack of spikes. Instead, the rubber soles feature traction patterns integrated into the design that should provide excellent traction on a variety of surfaces including hard ground.

Moreover, you get TPU heel counters which should provide more stability throughout each stage of your golf swing.

On the whole, we feel the latest Jordan ADG looks to be well worth considering if you're after some spikeless cleats for your next round. Make sure you check out the "White Black" colourway as well if the Blue isn't for you.

Best Jordan Low golf shoes - Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "UNC"

Best Jordan golf shoes Air Jordan 1 "UNC" product image of a pair of light blue and white sneakers.
Credit: Nike
Spikes: No | Material: Leather

The Jordan 1 "UNC" golf shoes utilise a very simple yet effective design that draws inspiration from the Air Jordan 1 High "UNC" colourway from 1985, arguably one of the best Jordan 1 colourways in the sneaker's long history.


UNC refers to the University of North Carolina, the college Michael Jordan played for between 1981-84 before becoming the 3rd overall pick for Chicago Bulls in 1984.

In terms of performance, you get deeply grooved soles designed for all types of golfing terrains like fairways, greens, and if you are unlucky, bunkers.

All in all, we feel these spikeless low-tops are a great pick that will likely be light and comfortable to wear all day long.

If you like the design though, then make sure to also check out the regular low-top "UNCs" released in 2021, arguably some of the best Jordan 1 Lows available, right here.

Best Jordan High golf shoes - Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Black White"

Best Jordan golf shoes Air Jordan 1 "Black White" product image of a pair of black and white high-top golf shoes.
Credit: Nike
Spikes: No | Material: Leather

For maximum style on the course, we'd recommend checking out this "Black White" Jordan 1 High Golf shoe.

Its design is reminiscent of one of the very first Jordan 1 colourways released in 1985. Everything from the colour scheme to the blocking is near-identical to the original and the 2023 remake. The design is simple, but we'd argue that's exactly why it's great for the golf course.

On top of that, the high-cut collar should provide additional ankle support during your swing. Plus, the integrated traction pattern underfoot is designed to help you power through your swing.

All in all, this classic Jordan 1 High is definitely up there as one of the best Jordan golf shoes on the market right now, so make sure you keep it in mind when it comes to purchasing your next set.

Best budget Jordan golf shoes - Air Jordan Trainer ST G

Best Jordan golf shoes Trainer ST G product image of a single white and blue spiked sneaker.
Credit: Nike Air Jordan
Spikes: Yes | Material: Synthetic

These Air Jordan Trainer ST Gs come with a low-top, athletic profile which, as their name suggests, are much more akin to running trainers than your typical Jordan basketball shoes.


As a result, they should be incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to their soft midsoles and synthetic leather uppers.

You also get a familiar external TPU structure around their heels which is said to provide additional support and security throughout a full range of motion during your golf swing.

Ultimately, these spiked cleats seem to be an excellent choice if you're looking for comfortable golfing footwear without breaking the bank.

Best lightweight Jordan golf shoes - Jordan Flight Runner Golf

Best Jordan golf shoes Jordan Flight Runner product image of a pair of black and dark grey golf cleats.
Credit: Nike
Spikes: Yes | Material: Mesh

The Jordan Flight Runner Golf shoes look to be an excellent pick if you're looking for a lightweight pair of cleats to wear around the course which should be more akin to some of the best running shoes on the market.

Inspired by the Flight Runner 2s, these Jordan cleats team a mesh construction with Nike Flywire technology to maximise breathability and lightness whilst also offering the ultimate lockdown fit.

You also get forefoot moderation plates in the midsoles to stabilise your feet when twisting plus TRI-LOK soft spikes across the outsoles to ensure grip.

Overall, we feel these lightweight Jordans are definitely worth checking out before your next game.

Frequently asked questions about Jordan golf shoes

There are often a number of questions that pop up surrounding golf shoes, especially when incorporating a predominately basketball-based brand into the mix.


Thankfully, we've answered some of your most common queries right here.

Why do you need golf shoes?

Golf shoes are designed to help you maintain balance and traction on the slippery grass surfaces of a golf course, particularly during your swing.

This is supported by research from Jong-Jin Park who found participants were able to control their centre of mass faster and increase rotational force during impact by wearing golf shoes.

To improve grip, most golf shoes come with spikes that dig into the turf and support the transfer of weight as your body rotates. However, there's recently been an upswing in spikeless cleats which use aggressive traction patterns to improve grip instead.

Golf shoes are also essential for absorbing the pressure you exert on your front leg at the top of your swing as it's put under an immense amount of stress during the rotation.

Are Jordan golf shoes good?

Although they may break the traditional golf aesthetic, Jordan golf shoes are widely considered equally as good as the majority of their competitors, something we touched on in our comparison of Nike and adidas golf shoes here.


Considering they are made by one of the top sports brands in the world, Nike, this may be unsurprising, especially as Nike has its own unique range of elite golf shoes for you to consider which tend to feature similar technology.

Moreover, Jordan has actually sponsored some of the biggest names on the PGA Tour circuit over the years, including Pat Perez and, more recently, Harold Varner III. Therefore, we feel this gives Jordan golf shoes some validity as being able to compete at the very top level of the sport.

Are Jordan golf shoes comfortable?

Jordan golf shoes are actually deemed by many to be some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market.

Much like their basketball counterparts, Jordan golf shoes often come with full-length Nike Air in the midsoles for added cushioning and support.

Also, they often come with the latest technology designed to keep athletes comfortable during the fast-paced action of basketball and, therefore, should translate well when applied to golf shoes.

Can you remove the spikes from Jordan golf shoes?


In short, yes you can remove the spikes from Jordan golf shoes for maintenance or for fashion purposes.

The spikes simply pop out with a slight twist, however, you may need a spikes removal tool or screwdriver to help you achieve this.

We feel it's important to remove the spikes every now and then to clean any built-up dirt, to replace them once they become worn down, or to keep them in good condition as you transition from soft greens to harder surfaces.

How do you clean Jordan golf shoes?

In our opinion, the most effective way of cleaning a pair of Jordan golf shoes is to use lukewarm water, mild soap, and a cloth to scrub away any dirt after initially removing debris using a soft-bristled brush.

If you encounter fabric such as canvas though, we'd recommend using slightly less water as the material can sometimes retain it slightly better than leather shoes, thus making them harder to dry.

Suede golf shoes can be cleaned with a suede brush, towel, or even a dedicated eraser, like this Kiwi Suede Eraser, to remove any marks and stains.

For more information, check out our list of the best leather and suede cleaners as well as our step-by-step guide on cleaning golf shoes right here.

How do you lace Jordan golf shoes?

Although there are a few different approaches you can use, one of the most common methods is one we've outlined in our guide to lacing football boots.

Despite being different sports, the technique starts off the same. Simply begin by feeding your shoelace through the first eyelets to create a straight bar across the tongue of your golf shoe.

Then, take each end, cross them over in the middle, and thread through the next eyelets up on the opposing sides.

Repeat this step until you reach the top, then repeat with your second shoe. Make sure you leave enough shoelace left though to tie the two ends together.