Nike vs Adidas Golf Shoes: Which Should You Buy?

Nike and Adidas are two of the biggest names in sportswear, but if you're an avid golfer, you've probably wondered which brand makes the best golf shoes?

To help you pick between them, we've compared some of the similarities and differences in price, performance, and comfort of each brand's range of golf shoes, before giving our overall verdict on which we think you should buy.

So, without further delay, we'll start by comparing their price tags...

Nike vs Adidas Golf Shoes - Price

One of the first things you'll likely consider when trying to decide between the two is which brand's golf shoes are the cheapest.

By comparing the highly popular Adidas ZG21, as featured in our list of the best golf shoes, and a pair of similarly matched Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour's, we can conclude that both models are similarly priced.

Adidas ZG21 product image of a black golf shoe above a white Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour.
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Credit: Nike and Adidas

This theme continues at the top end of each brand's price scale as both the Adidas TOUR360 22's and the Nike Air Max 97 G NRG's come with similar price tags.

The one exception to this rule we found was Nike's range of Air Jordan golf shoes. For example, the Jordan 12 Low Golf "Taxi" is slightly more expensive than any of Adidas' top offerings, which is perhaps down to the cross-sport appeal of the Jordan brand.

Nike vs Adidas Golf Shoes - Performance

From a performance perspective, both Nike and Adidas incorporate a wide range of technology to help you operate to the best of your ability on the course.

We've also found that the technology included from both brands is similar, just named differently. For example, both Nike and Adidas golf shoes usually include cushioning, with Nike's being full-length Zoom Air, whilst Adidas combine Lightstrike and Boost foam.

To find any difference, we'll again compare the outsoles of the ZG21 and the Infinity Tour golf shoes.

Adidas' offering comes with a set of six spikes on a Thintech TPU outsole for maximum grip, while Nike incorporates a set of piston spikes placed under the three Zoom Air units designed to compress under pressure for better energy return during your swing.

Adidas ZG21 six spike outsoles next to Nike Infinity Tour translucent rubber spiked outsole.
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Credit: Nike and Adidas

Out of the two, it's hard to say which will help you perform best during a round as results will likely vary from person to person.

It is worth mentioning though that you might find the six-spike arrangement on this particular Adidas shoe provides more traction across a wider area, which is key to getting the most out of your swing.

On top of that, both brands offer spikeless alternatives with aggressive traction across the outsoles. If you're unsure which you prefer, check out our guide on spike vs spikeless golf shoes right here.

Nike vs Adidas Golf Shoes - Comfort

Nike and Adidas also go to great lengths to ensure their golf shoes are comfortable because wearing them for a full 18-hole round puts a lot of pressure on the cushioning and padding underfoot.

Trying to split the two is tough though as both brands come with their own unique cushioning systems which are known for being comfortable.

For example, Adidas' usual combination of Boost and Lightstrike technology, as touched on above, is designed to provide a ton of support underfoot.

Similarly, Nike's Zoom Air units are designed to deliver, not only excellent cushioning, but a little extra bounce to each of your steps.

Close up image of Nike's Zoom Air technology.
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Credit: Nike
CLOSE UP: Nike's Zoom Air Bubble Technology

Both brands also make leather and knitted golf shoes which come with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of comfort.

We'd perhaps argue that you may find any golf shoes made from either Primeknit or Flyknit slightly more comfortable due to the added flexibility in the material, but this will depend on your own preference.

Which Should You Buy?

Deciding which of the two brands you should buy is tough as both Nike and Adidas produce excellent golf shoes, and even some of the best budget golf shoes as well.

Adidas ZG21's and Codechaos golf shoes are some of the most popular picks in today's market; however, that's not to say the Nike alternatives aren't equally as good.

The choice ultimately will come down to personal preference and which brand creates the shoes you feel suit your style of play best.

If you're really unsure though, we'd recommend seeing if you can try on a pair of Nike and Adidas golf shoes in-store and seeing which of the two feels most comfortable and likely to perform best on the course.

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