Best Golf Shoes 2022: Top Picks For Beginners And Pros

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There's a lot to consider when searching for the best golf shoes, especially as it can be difficult to determine how much to spend and what kind of features you get for your money.

Thankfully, we've compiled a list of standout footwear, based on features, price, and reviews, to help you find the perfect golf shoes to keep you supported and comfortable around the course.

Whether you're after something spikeless, like the adidas Codechaos, or you're searching for something more traditional, like these shoes from FootJoy, then we've got you covered right here.

We also discuss the latest golf shoe news which we'll keep updated with the latest information to keep you in the loop for any future purchases.

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Best Golf Shoes


Best All-Round Golf Shoes - Under Armour Spieth 4

Best golf shoes Under Armour product image of a pair of white shoes with grey midsoles and pink spikes.
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Under Armour
Brand: Under Armour | Spikes: Yes | Material: Microfiber

Named after the 2015 Masters Champion Jordan Spieth, the Spieth 4's look to be one of the most well-rounded golf shoes on the market to accompany your best golf clubs.

Under Armour have updated these shoes since the Spieth 3's to include Gore-Tex technology, designed to keep your feet insulated during those winter rounds.

Moreover, the new plastic heel section should really help lock the heel in place as you reach the top end of your swing, thus improving your balance.

Ultimately, the Spieth 4's should offer a good mix between traditional, spiked golf shoes and new more advanced technology, which is why we believe they'd make for the ideal all-round footwear.

Best Golf Shoes For Beginners - Puma Ignite PWRAdapt

Best golf shoes Puma product image of a single white and grey shoes with spikes.
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Brand: Puma | Spikes: Yes | Material: Unspecified

As their name suggests, the Puma Ignite PWRAdapt's should help you acclimatise to the sport by supporting your feet as you swing with their caged outer.

Moreover, Puma boasts its Ignite foam has been designed with comfort in mind so your feet don't begin to ache over a full 18-holes.

It's also worth noting that the Ignite PWRAdapt's adaptive fit system will likely also add to the levels of comfort by ensuring the shoes fit regardless of your foot shape.

On the whole, if you're a beginner looking to stay locked-in and comfortable during a round of golf, then these Puma Ignite PWRAdapt's might be for you, especially as they're a contender for one of the best golf shoes under 100 pounds or dollars.

Best Golf Shoes For Comfort - adidas ZG21

Best golf shoes adidas product image of a pair of white trainers that fade into a dark green with yellow details.
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Brand: adidas | Spikes: Yes | Material: Sprintskin Synthetic

The adidas ZG21 is a very commonly used golf shoe as it features what seems to be an incredibly lightweight and comfortable design.

To make this shoe weigh just 13oz, adidas create the upper using a waterproof Sprintskin Synthetic material which should be ideal for playing a game in all weather conditions.

Moreover, adidas incorporate its infamous Boost technology in the midsole plus Lightstrike cushioning with the intention of providing maximum comfort on the course.

In terms of grip, adidas used heat-map studies to target the specific areas where stability is needed most, resulting in six strategically placed spikes on the outsole for the ideal grip to make sure you sink every shot with your best putter.

Ultimately, we feel the adidas ZG21's tick a lot of boxes so are well worth considering for your next golf game.

Best Traditional Golf Shoes - FootJoy Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes

Best golf shoes FootJoy product image of a pair of blue leather golf shoes.
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Brand: FootJoy | Spikes: No | Material: Full-Grain Leather

If you're looking to go down the more traditional route with your footwear, then these Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes may be for you.

Unlike the previous entries, these shoes come with Versa-Trax technology rather than spikes with the aim to provide you with an outsole that is perfect for an on-course performance with wear-to-the-course versatility.

Moreover, FootJoy boasts its Boa Fit System ensures a better connection to your shoe in order to help improve stability, control, and power through your drive.

All in all, to complete a more classic golfer look, these Premiere Series Flint Golf Shoes should be a great shout whilst also delivering in terms of performance.

Best Wide-Fit Golf Shoes - Skechers Elite-Tour SL

Best golf shoes Skechers product image of a single white and blue shoe.
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Brand: Skechers | Spikes: No | Material: Leather

These Skechers Elite-Tour SL's should be extremely accomodating to all fit shapes and sizes thanks to Skechers Gogo Max insole, designed to also deliver high rebound cushioning during your swing.

Furthermore, they feature a TPU outsole which, Skechers boasts, provides 236 points of contact per pair for added grip.

It's also worth noting that the leather upper is waterproof, so if you're planning to play throughout the winter, the Skechers Elite-Tour SL's should have you covered.

In our opinion, the Elite-Tour SL's seem to be an excellent option if you're looking for a slightly wider fit.

Best Multi-Purpose Golf Shoes - adidas Codechaos

Best golf shoes adidas product image of a white and bright yellow pair of gold shoes.
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Brand: adidas | Spikes: No | Material: Synthetic

The adidas Codechaos golf shoes look to be a great pick for on the course performance and everyday versatility thanks to their spikeless design.

To create traction, adidas incorporate large protruding rubber outdents underfoot to help you grip to the surface, and also include a full Boost midsole for added comfort.

Moreover, the upper comes with a thin film on top that provides waterproof protection, durability and helps to repel debris, thus making them easier to clean.

Overall, we feel the adidas Codechaos golf shoes are an excellent choice for multi-purpose action.

Latest Golf Shoe News

Ecco Set To Release Custom Golf Shoes For Henrik Stenson and Erik van Rooyen

Latest golf shoe news Ecco product image of two white shoes with orange and blue soles.
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Ecco's brand ambassadors, Stenson and van Rooyen, have each created their own custom BIOM H4 golf shoes.

While Stenson's design pays tribute to this 'Iceman' nickname, van Rooyen combines blue and red across the soles to contrast the mostly monochromatic upper.

Both offerings are said to release in Spring, but we'll keep you updated when more information is announced.

Air Jordan Set To Release A Low-Top Golf Shoe

Latest golf shoe news Air Jordan 1 Low Golf "Chicago" product image of a red, white, and black golf shoe.
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Credit: Air Jordan

Official images have surfaced of the Air Jordan 1 Low Golf in "Chicago" red, white, and black colours.

It's no secret that Michael Jordan is a massive golf fan, which is why we've also been treated to the new Jordan 4 Golf "Black Cat" in recent times.

As of right now, these Jordan 1 golf shoes are due to be released sometime in Spring 2022, but we'll update you as and when we know more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Shoes

You may have a few questions about golf shoes if you're new to the sport, but don't worry because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Do Golf Shoes Really Make A Difference?

The primary purpose of a golf shoe is to help you maintain your balance on the slippery grass during your swing.

Whether you choose spiked or spikeless, the added grip golf shoes provide should give you more stability throughout your swing which, in turn, helps you maintain consistency.


Also, knowing your feet will stay glued to the ground can give you added confidence through each stage of your swing, thus giving you peace of mind to use all your force throughout the motion.

Can You Play Golf In Sneakers?

As mentioned above, golf shoes are built to improve your traction with the ground.

While some sneakers may have a good amount of grip on the outsole, they're probably not built solely for golf, therefore won't be as effective on the course.

Also, some golf clubs come with strict dress codes, so rocking up in your everyday trainers could result in you not being allowed to play on that particular day.

We'd recommend doing your research on a golf courses dress code before heading there for a round.

Why Do Some Golf Shoes Not Have Spikes?


Some manufacturers choose to go without spikes as they feel the soles of their shoes provide enough traction and grip as it is.

Moreover, not having spikes makes the shoes far easier to walk in between holes, especially if you're walking on the tarmac.

Ultimately, the versatility of spikeless golf shoes is what attracts most people, and thankfully, if you fall under this category, spikeless footwear is becoming increasingly popular in the modern game.

If you want to find out more, then check out our comparison of spiked and spikeless golf shoes to determine which type is right for you.

How Should Golf Shoes Fit?

A good rule of thumb to follow for the tightness of your laces is your thumb should be about the same width as the opening at the top of your shoes.

In terms of toe length, there should be about a fingers width between the end of your longest toe and the end of your golf shoe.


It's also worth paying attention to where the shoe flexes. Ideally, the break of the flex should fall perfectly in line with the flex of your forefoot.

Can You Wear Running Shoes To Play Golf?

In short, yes you can wear running shoes for golf, providing they align with the club's rules, however, the question is whether you'll be able to perform at your best whilst wearing them.

While the best running shoes may be light and comfortable around the course, you may find they lack grip when attempting your swing.

Most golf footwear these days combine the lightweight nature of running shoes with the traction and grip of traditional golf shoes, making them essentially the best of both worlds.

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