Best Football Kits 2021/22: Top Shirts From The Current Season

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With the 2021/2022 campaign well underway, it's time to decide what the best football kits are from the current season

As most clubs have now released their home, away, third, and even fourth choice strip, finding the top kits across each of the continents isn't easy.

However, we've selected what, in our opinion, are some of the standout jerseys from the current year in the football calendar based on the design and the inspiration behind them.

From Ajax's sensational third kit to Adidas' remake of a classic Manchester United away strip, we've rounded up the very best right here. Without further delay, let's begin...

Best Football Kits 2021/22


Best Premier League Football Kit 2021/22 - Manchester United Away

Best football kits 2021/22 Manchester United Away product image of a white and blue kit with red details.
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Credit: Adidas
Club: Manchester United | Brand: Adidas

There has been a number of great kits released from Premier League clubs this season, but in our opinion, the real standout is this Manchester United's Away shirt.


The design is inspired by the Manchester United away jersey from the 1990s and, therefore, draws inspiration from some of the best retro football kits of all time.

With shades of blue blending with white in a mismatch of diagonal stripes, the kit, just like in the 90s, is certainly unique, especially with the contrasting red pops from the badge, logo, and sponsors.

All in all, we feel this is a great away kit, and if you liked the look of this retro-themed shirt, then check out the potential Manchester United 2022/23 Home Kit right here.

Best European Football Kit 2021/22 - Ajax Amsterdam Third

Best football kits 2021/22 Ajax Third kit product image of a black shirt with yellow, green, and red details.
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Credit: Adidas
Club: Ajax Amsterdam | Brand: Adidas

Continuing with Adidas and this Ajax Amsterdam Third strip which pays homage to the Ajax fans and clubs shared affinity with reggae legend Bob Marley and his "Three Little Birds" track.


The reggae theme is most noticeable through the red, yellow, and green stripes on the shoulders and cuffs which work well with the all-black base.

The Adidas logo, Ajax crest, and Ziggo sponsor are all dressed in red as well to match the rest of the design.

Ultimately, Ajax has had a number of great kits throughout the years, but this third shirt might just be one of the best yet.

Best International Football Kit 2021/22 - Nigeria Home

Best football kits 2021/22 Nigeria Home kit product image of a white shirt with various green details and patterns on the sides.
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Credit: Nike
Country: Nigeria | Brand: Nike

The Nigeria Home kit is always a big talking point among football fans ever since Nike launched the country's 2018 World Cup shirt which received 3 million pre-orders shortly after its release.


By the seems of it, Nike has done it again with its most recent design featuring a bold green print, said to be inspired by traditional Nigerian Agbada robes, over a white base.

The kit is mostly sold out again on Nike, so if you want to see this kit in action, then check out some of Nigeria's matches in the African Cup Of Nations 2022

Best MLS Football Kit 2021/22 - Seattle Sounders Away

Best football kits 2021/22 Seattle Sounders Away kit product image of a purple kit with yellow and orange details.
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Credit: Adidas
Country: Seattle Sounders | Brand: Adidas

There's a certain theme running through some of Adidas' kits this year as this Seattle Sounders Away strip offers a bespoke design inspired by a second music legend, Jimi Hendrix.


Hendrix was actually born in Seattle in 1942, and his song "All Along the Watchtower" is played at Lumen Field prior to kick-off.

In terms of the design, you get a two-tone purple base that blends in an almost oil spill-like fashion. This is then contrasted by the orange Adidas stripes and yellow logos on the front of the jersey.

On the whole, we feel this Seattle Sounders Away kit is a true standout from the current MLS season.

Best Looking Football Kit 2021/22 - Venezia Home

Best football kits 2021/22 Kappa Home kit product image of a black kit with gold details and orange and green stripes.
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Credit: Kappa
Country: Venezia | Brand: Kappa

While looks are subjective, we feel most football fans would agree the Venezia Home kit is one of the most stylish shirts from the 2021/2022 season.


In fact, the kit drew so much internet and mainstream attention that the jersey, which features a black base with a combination of gold, orange, and green details, sold out shortly after its release.

Eyebrows were raised when Venezia, who had built a reputation for their bespoke kits and was promoted back to the Serie A in 2021, dropped Nike for Kappa, but the decision certainly seems to have paid off.

Ultimately, we could have featured any one of Venezia's three strips as they are all great in our opinion, however, the home shirt just tips it as one of the best kits this season.

Frequently Asked Questions About Football Kits

With so many different kits out there, you may have a few questions about them. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

How Do You Start A Football Kit Collection?

This will depend on your personal preference and chosen method.


You could start by purchasing the kits from your favourite football team each year, and eventually, you'll start to amass a collection

You could also pick up any kits you simply like the look or the inspiration behind, for example, this Bob Marley-themed Ajax Third strip.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Once you start to buy a few, we're sure you're collection will continue to grow.

What Is A Replica Football Kit?

A replica football kit tends to be the mass-market version of a club or country's shirt.

The kit itself will typically be accurate to the design of the authentic shirt, but will be significantly cheaper and more readily available.

The key thing to note here is replica doesn't mean fake. The kit will be made by the official manufacturer, but will likely feature slightly cheaper materials compared to what the pros wear.


For example, Bayern Munich's home kit may incorporate Adidas' HEAT.RDY tech, but the replica version will utilise an AEROREADY system instead.

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