Best Premier League Football Kits 2023/24

Casemiro, Martinez, and Rashford wearing a red jersey with black stripes down the arms and white shorts.
Credit: Manchester United

Casemiro, Martinez, and Rashford wearing a red jersey with black stripes down the arms and white shorts.
Credit: Manchester United

With the 2023/24 campaign underway, it's time to figure out what the best Premier League football kits are this year, focusing on those clubs that are going to and are currently standing out on the field.

What exactly makes one of the best football kits though? Well, in our eyes, the design needs to be stylish and in keeping with the club's history. Any subtle nods to previous achievements are a welcome addition as well to reference previous success.

Based on this logic, we've picked out some amazing jerseys from some of the top teams in the Premier League. From Manchester City's stylish home kit to rivals Manchester United's latest adidas strip, we've picked out the best of the best for our list. Let's get into it and gear up for the season ahead.

Best Premier League football kits

  1. Manchester City PUMA Home Kit
  2. Manchester United adidas Home Kit
  3. Liverpool Nike Away Kit
  4. Everton hummel Home Kit
  5. Arsenal adidas Home Kit
Manchester City PUMA Home Kit product image of a light blue jersey featuring a white collar hanging up.
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Credit: Manchester City

1. Manchester City PUMA Home Kit

Following an incredibly successful treble-winning campaign, Manchester City is looking to do the impossible and go again in 2023/24. As they strive to match or surpass their previous achievements, one thing is certain – they will do so in style, sporting the stunning PUMA home strip.

This kit not only exudes class but also pays homage to the club's rich history. Taking inspiration from their inaugural season at the Etihad Stadium, a move that marked a significant shift after an 80-year residency at Maine Road, the design captures the essence of new beginnings.

The front graphic reflects the architecture of the Etihad, with four tonal stripes that stand out against the backdrop of a lighter shade of blue. Adding to this, you get a double-stacked white collar that adds a touch of sophistication to the overall look. Finally, a subtle touch can be found on the back of the neck, where the postcode of City's beloved stadium is proudly displayed.

This impeccable strip embodies the essence of champions, offering a stylish ensemble for the players to wear as they strive for greatness once again. Regardless of the outcome, Manchester City will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression both on and off the pitch.

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Manchester United adidas Home Kit product image of the red home jersey featuring a black collar in front of a red, white, and black striped flag in a stadium.
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Credit: Manchester United

2. Manchester United adidas Home Kit

Manchester United's home kit also deserves a lot of praise as it features a classic design rooted in club history and the city's culture.

More specifically, the strip combines a mostly red shirt with white shorts - an iconic combination that has been a staple for United over the years.

There's more to the kit than just that though. Across the shirt, you'll notice a stunning geometric pattern that draws inspiration from the bridge over the River Irwell, which joins Manchester to Salford and acts as a symbol of the city's strength.

It also boasts black detailing across the shoulders and a red, white, and black striped collar to round off what is one of the best Manchester United home kits we've seen over the last few years, in our opinion.

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Liverpool Nike Away Kit product image of van Dijk, Alexander-Arnold, and Henderson wearing white kits featuring a green chequered pattern and black collars.
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Credit: Liverpool

3. Liverpool Nike Away Kit

Speaking of history, Liverpool's Nike away kit stands out from the crowd thanks to a '90s-inspired design emulating some of Liverpool's best retro football kits from the past.

It's actually an updated variation of the club's 1995/96 away shirt, resulting in a green and white quarter panel pattern complete with a digital glitch effect to give the shirt a more modern twist.

The kit also features a black collar, cuffs, and shorts to match the branding and sponsorship. You'll also find the 97 emblem encased by the Eternal Flames across the neck in remembrance of the Hillsborough disaster.

All in all, Liverpool's away kit is a nod to the club's past, yet acts as a passing of the torch to the modern era. It's an excellent strip and one that deserves a spot on our list.

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Everton hummel Home Kit product image of Calvert-Lewin wearing a blue jersey with a white collar featuring a geometric pattern.
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Credit: Everton

4. Everton hummel Home Kit

After the horrorshow of the 2022/23 season, Everton is looking to bounce back this year with a more traditional home kit created by hummel.

What sets this kit apart from Everton's last few home strips is that it features a bold white collar for the first time in decades. Adding to this, the collar includes a geometric striped pattern as a tribute to Goodison’s famous Archibald Leitch pattern on its trim.

This pattern is repeated on the white sleeve trims and is accompanied by matching white branding and sponsorship, thus completing what is an excellent-looking home jersey for The Toffees.

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Arsenal adidas Home Kit product image of Jesus, Gabriel, and Martinelli wearing red and white kits with golden details.
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Credit: Arsenal

5. Arsenal adidas Home Kit

Our final entry is Arsenal's adidas home kit, which pays homage to the 20th anniversary of the invincible season, where the likes of Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, and club captain Patrick Vieira went unbeaten in the Premier League.

The record of 26 wins and 12 draws across the 38 games has yet to be matched or beaten since, although Arsenal fans will no doubt be holding out hope that this year's young squad will rise to the challenge in this anniversary strip.

In terms of the design, it features a red backdrop and white sleeves, complete with gold trim as a nod to The Invincibles and their record-breaking league title-winning performance.

The shirt also features subtle zigzagging stripes across the centre in a darker red to finish off the design in style. Overall, a stunning kit that stands out on the pitch.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Buying new football kits can often lead to a ton of questions. No need to panic though as we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries below.

Where can you buy Premier League football kits?

There are several places we'd recommend checking out if you're looking to buy a Premier League kit. These are:

  • Manufacturers websites: Kit manufacturers like Nike, adidas, PUMA, etc. typically sell the jerseys they make on their online stores.
  • Club websites: Alternatively, the club you're looking to purchase a kit from will usually also sell their shirts on their website.
  • Football kit retailers: For a broader selection of Premier League strips, we'd suggest checking out the likes of Kitbag, which also sells international jerseys, SportsDirect, JD Sports, or any similar sportswear retail company.

For more information, check out our list of the best places to buy football kits.

What is a replica football kit?

A replica football kit is typically a widely available, mass-produced jersey that closely resembles the design of the authentic shirt. It is generally a cheaper version of the matchday shirt and manufactured using slightly less expensive materials compared to the ones worn by professional players.

It's crucial to note that a replica kit is not fake. It is produced by the official manufacturer but may incorporate alternative technologies or materials. For example, an authentic adidas kit may utilise advanced HEAT.RDY technology, the replica version may feature a more cost-effective AEROREADY system instead.

As a result, authentic jerseys may be better to play in, but replica kits are great to wear on a more regular basis to support your club.

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