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Rainbow Six

10 Mar 2020

Rainbow 6 Quarantine Trailer: Gameplay breakdown, Operators, E3 2020 reveal & more

Rainbow 6 Quarantine Trailer: Gameplay breakdown, Operators,
E3 2020 reveal & more

Rainbow 6 Quarantine is the next title from Ubisoft. Read more here regarding the official trailer.

We haven’t had much information from Ubisoft regarding the details of Rainbow 6 Quarantine, but the trailers have begun to show us what to expect from the game.

The title of the game implies that something dangerous will need to be contained.

We haven't got much to go on so far, but keep reading for all the information we have.

Official Trailer Breakdown

We got a sneak peek at Quarantine at E3 2019.

infection r6 quarantine

JUST A SCRATCH - Will Quarantine live up to the hype?

Although this was most likely a cinematic trailer, we did
get a lot of information regarding what may be included in the game.

The trailer opens with the main player/character observing an infection on their forearm.

This is most likely the main infection (antagonist, if it can be called that) we'll be fighting against.

We then see multiple ‘zombie-like’ shadows approaching the player. We can assume these are going to be similar creatures to the ones we saw in Outbreak from Rainbow 6: Siege.

r6 quarantine zombie types

OUTBREAK - Will the creatures from Quarantine look like this?

After this, we see two soldiers fighting towards us. As they
approach, we can see these are operators from Siege; Ela and Vigil.

Finally, the player passes out and we see the Quarantine Logo.

quarantine logo wallpaper

STOP THE INFECTION - Will you be playing Quarantine at release?

If you would like to watch the trailer, click here.

Upcoming Trailer

The Six Invitational Tournament is right around the corner.

We usually see Seasonal reveals and leaks at the final
tournament, in Montreal Canada.

Six Invitational Logo

BEST OF THE BEST - Get ready for the biggest Rainbow 6tournament of the year!

However, it is likely we'll receive more information on the game, and even a gameplay trailer at the event from 14th – 16th February 2020.

People who visit the event may even be able to get early access to playtest at the event. Similar to the early access for seasonal content.