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10 Mar 2020

Rainbow 6 Quarantine Release Date: Gameplay, Map, Trailer, Beta, PS4 & more

Rainbow 6 Quarantine Release Date: Gameplay, Map, Trailer,
Beta, PS4 & more

Read everything you need to know about Ubisoft's upcoming Rainbow 6: Quarantine here!

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Release Date

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Official Trailer

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Ubisoft's Rainbow 6: Siege has been a staple of competitive gaming for some time.

With the next instalment of Rainbow 6 on the way, we are excited to see if Quarantine will live up to the Rainbow 6 legacy.

However, with some setbacks to the release date of the game, there are concerns as to whether there will be more delays, or if the game will release in a good state.

Release Date

With multiple delays to Quarantine, there is no official release date for the game as of yet.

rainbow6 team of three

LOCKED AND LOADED - Get ready for Quarantine in March 2020

From Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, we have news that the game will release ‘before the end of the fiscal year’.

This would mean the game is likely to release before April

There are currently multiple Ubisoft games set to release in February, it is probable we won’t see Quarantine release until late March.

You can sign up for ‘early access’ to Quarantine on the Ubisoft Website. This could mean we will see a beta before the release of the game.

Official Trailer

We got our first look at Rainbow 6: Quarantine at E3 2019:

Although this was mostly a cinematic trailer, we did get a lot of information regarding what may be included in the game.

We see many creatures surrounding the character in the trailer. These may be similar to the character models used in the game mode ‘Outbreak’ from Rainbow 6: Siege.

We also get a good view of 2 DLC characters from Rainbow 6, these being Ela and Vigil.

The Six invitational Final starts 14 February 2020. We normally see Seasonal trailers and gameplay, however, this time around we could get a look into another trailer from Ubisoft.


The main game mode in Quarantine will be a 3v3 PvE hoard mode.

Interestingly, we’ve heard that the gadgets and abilities
will still be the same in this mode.

We are excited to see how a group of three operators will work together, regarding their abilities. As the only other time, we’ve seen three operators work together is in Outbreak.

r6 uk team

BREACH AND CLEAR - Use the operators special abilities and gadgetsto get the job done

Players can expect to have access to the majority of the
operators. Rather than the small roster in Outbreak.

Gun mechanics and spray control are a massive factor when it comes to Rainbow Six.

From a Dev update called ‘First Gameplay Details’ posted on the Ubisoft North America YouTube channel; we have heard the same gun mechanics from Siege will carry over to Quarantine.

Finally, it sounds like Quarantine will tailor to the hard-core fans of the Rainbow 6 franchise.

For information about the Rainbow Six Quarantine New Operation and Map, head here.