MotoGP 20 Neural AI 2.0: What's new, settings, realism, managerial mode & more

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MotoGP 20's release is just around the corner!

We've had it confirmed via an exclusive interview that the game will drop on its original release date later this month.

We’re diving into the depths of everything we know so far about the upcoming release to see if this really can be the best yet in the series.

One of the features highlighted in its recent trailer is Neural AI 2.0. This is a gameplay mechanic that was brought in for MotoGP 19 but what is it and how has it changed? Here's everything you need to know!

What is Neural AI?

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LIFE-LIKE: Neural AI is MotoGP's answer to NPCs

Neural AI puts the intelligence into artificial intelligence.

Milestone introduced Neural AI for MotoGP 19 and it revolutionised the game. Previous iterations of the official MotoGP game had come under criticism for its "stale and samey" AI but that all changed last year.

No two drivers are exactly the same, so their reactions to a situation won't be the same as the other. Milestone developed a system which learns from itself by continuously simulating scenarios and their different outcomes.

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In layman's terms, it means that when you're trying to overtake an opposing driver, that AI may choose to defend aggressively or conservatively depending on their attributes. This also applies when the AI is racing against itself.

A classic sign of poor AI is that they don't swap places throughout the race. That didn't happen in MotoGP 19 and it won't in 20.

Next level AI

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LEVEL UP: Milestone's AI is arguably the best on the market

In motorsport and technology, to stand still is to move backwards against the competition. So, what have Milestone been able to implement to improve upon their AI for this year's game?

We sat down with the game's producer Michele Caletti to get the rundown on what is new for MotoGP 20. Caletti made sure to detail the steps forward with Neural AI:

"We changed the physics: fuel consumption, damage and tyres with three distinct sectors, and very different braking, that's much harder to control. So, it [the neural AI] had to “learn” how to manage all these things and be competitive."

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So, not only does the player have to adapt to the new braking and tyre systems, but the AI does too. Milestone's website also goes into detail about Neural AI 2.0:

"We strongly believe in the potential of neural networks applied to the world of video games. The previous version was smarter, faster and more efficient… and still it was not enough. So we decided to "go beyond": MotoGP 20 will feature a Neural AI 2.0."

Alongside the Managerial Mode and Extreme Realism, Neural AI 2.0 makes a trifecta of new and improved features for MotoGP 20's arsenal and we can't wait to get our hands on it!

Moto GP 20 will be released on 23 April on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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