MotoGP 20 Managerial Career: Release date, trailer, teams, PS4, Xbox, Switch & more

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We are not far from MotoGP 2020's release date.

With the 2020 championship in doubt thanks to coronavirus, the new game will be the best way to enjoy some MotoGP action.

We're diving into the depths of everything we know so far about the upcoming release to see if this really can be the best yet in the series.

One of the features highlighted in its recent trailer is Managerial Career. This is something we haven't seen in the past few previous MotoGP games but we have in other series in recent years, so what can we expect?

Here's everything you need to know about MotoGP 20's Management Mode!

More than just driving

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ALL-ROUND SPORT: There's much more to MotoGP than the drivers

We only got a brief glimpse of what Managerial Career will offer in the trailer, but more details have been revealed on the game's website.

"Discover the new Managerial Career and manage your entourage, take decisions that can make the difference on the track."

"You can count on a complete team of professionals, such as your Personal Manager, the Chief Engineer, and the Data Analyst. Their role will be essential to find engagements, collect your racing data and develop the bike."

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There's a lot more to dissect here than what initially meets the eye.

Make the key decisions

Your role in the team will likely be that of Team Principle, the head of the racing team.

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PUPPET MASTER: Make the right calls or risk the consequences

Your "entourage" are the staff underneath you, people like the race engineers, aerodynamicists, data analysts and even the pit crew.

The decisions that can make the difference on the track are likely referring to strategic options.

The race engineers talk to their drivers but its people like the team principles that make the big calls. Do you push now and conserve later? Do you pit now, later or not at all? These are the important choices that can make or break a driver's race.

Obviously, as team principle you'll be able to choose the direction in which development is taken.

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Drivers do have an input in this but it's taken to an unrealistic level in games like F1 2019. You'll have to balance the opinions of your staff and drivers to compromise and build the best bike possible for the team.

Finally, there's "getting engagements" which could refer to numerous, things. This could refer to social media, something that has been incorporated into other game series like Football Manager.

This medium is vital for sponsors to promote themselves and fans to engage with the team. If there's a mocked-up version of Twitter or Facebook, this would be brilliant to see.

Engagements could also refer to sponsorships, something we used to see in FIFA around 10 years ago. The better your results, the more illustrious the companies will want to be seen on your rider's overalls and the greater the cash flow will be streaming through the team.

What this means for the game overall

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WORTHY SUCCESSOR: MotoGP 20 could be even better than its predecessor.

It'll be interesting if you'll be able to have any direct input into your driver's out on track or whether this will be a full manager mode like Football Manager. My money would be on the latter option, as the regular career mode will cater to the demands of the traditional racing gamers.

Fans of the official F1 game have been crying out for this for years and MotoGP having it in their game is a massive unique selling point.

Milestone have been scant on the details, not wanting to give up surprises for first-time players upon release day.

However, these are positive signs, Milestone are not resting on their laurels after a good game in MotoGP 19 was released last year.

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If the highlighted features are of the level of quality that we're expecting, this could well be the best motorcycle racing game we've seen in a long time!

MotoGP 20 will be released on 23rd April on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch and Stadia.

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