MotoGP 20: Extreme Realism - Everything you need to know

The release of MotoGP 20 isn't far away now!

We’re diving into the depths of everything we know so far about the upcoming release to see if this really can be the best yet in the series.

One of the features highlighted in its recent trailer is the so-called "extreme realism".

This is something that we're very excited to experience next month but what can we expect from it?

Extreme realism for an extreme series

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PUSHING THE LIMITS: MotoGP 20 will push the current systems to the max

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X being released later this year, this will likely be the last MotoGP game released on the current generation of consoles. This is Milestone's final chance to boost interest around the series ahead of the beginning of ninth-gen.

Extreme realism is as a result of the developers pulling out all the stops and pushing the systems to their limits. Here's a full rundown of what is included:

MotoGP 20 Extreme Realism
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Thanks to this handy graphic recently added to their website, we can see what exactly is included with extreme realism.

Graphics are key to selling your game and immersing the players, gameplay is arguably more important, but if the game doesn't look good, it'll struggle. Thankfully, that won't be the case with MotoGP 20, as we can see from the screenshots released so far, the game is a noticeable improvement over 19.

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A new lighting model, better rider models, and redesigned pit boxes are some of the highlights but it's the other graphical updates that peak the interest more.

The "New asphalt" might not only be a graphical update but also a physics-based one, you could be able to feel every bump and change of gradient around the circuits.

The "Team Manager Face Scan" is also interesting, as it will likely mean the team principles of each team have their actual faces in the game, much like Premier League managers in FIFA. Perhaps you'll even be able to use a "game face" feature for your character in Managerial Mode, but that is yet to be decided.

Gameplay improvements

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SMOOTH AND IMPROVED: Big strides have been made in the gameplay department

This is where the lion's share of upgrades are present for Extreme Realism, here's what it says on the official website:

"If you want to be the fastest, you’ll need the best bike, that's why MotoGP 20 allows you to develop and upgrade your bike in every single aspect. You’ll be able to adjust your bike in multiple ways: Aerodynamics, Electronics, Engine power and consumption, Chassis."

"We’ve known for a long time that challenges don’t scare you. So we needed something really tough to test your skills, that's why we introduced a more realistic braking management, Tire Wear and Fuel Consumption."

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It's great to see how much effort Milestone are putting into the technical side of the game for this year's release. A more in-depth upgrade system would be very welcome and would put the game on parity with the F1 game in this respect.

By the sounds of the "challenge" aspect, we could potentially be in store for a mode like "Pro Career" in previous F1 games. If not, these will be more options for how realistic you wish your experience to be. Systems like the brake management will elevate MotoGP 20 to be up there with Gran Turismo and Project Cars.

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Plus, with the start of the Moto GP season being delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, this will be the only way for fans of the sport to enjoy action until at least May.

Release date

Moto GP 20 will be released on 23rd April on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia.

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