DIRT 5 Series X Gameplay: 4K, 120 fps racing shown off on next-gen trailer

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Codemasters' off-road racer DIRT 5 is just weeks away.

The British racing developers have shown off the impressive way the game uses next-gen consoles to give you a racing experience like no other.

DIRT 5's stunning graphics

Microsoft has been hyping up the Xbox Series X as the most powerful console ever.

It's one thing to hear it, it's another to SEE it.

DIRT 5's latest gameplay trailer was captured on the Series X and really shows off just what players can expect.


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Bright colours, amazing levels of detail, and scenery that makes you want to pull over and admire the view.

Players on Xbox Series X will benefit from 4K/60fps visuals, vastly improved load times, and a 120fps option which is a first for console gaming.

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It would all steal the show in a normal situation but DIRT 5's amazing gameplay and stunning weather system also stand out remarkably in this trailer.

DIRT 5's free next-gen upgrade

If you aren't getting an Xbox Series X on release day then don't worry.

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EXTREME EVERYTHING: DIRT 5 doesn't hold back

DIRT 5 offers a free upgrade to next-gen, so you can play on your current Xbox and then whenever you do get a Series X or Series S enjoy it on the new console for no extra charge.

DIRT 5 release date

Codemasters' amazing off-road title releases on 6 November on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

You can play three days early with the Amplified Edition if you can't wait that long!

As soon as the Xbox Series X hits, you can use Smart Delivery to play DIRT 5 on the next-gen console.

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