Xbox Series X quick resume is better than you realise

It's a month until Microsoft's Xbox Series X arrives, and some have already had the opportunity to go hands on with the machine.

Users are discovering that one feature is far more expansive than first though.

Quick resume

When first announced, it was thought that quick resume would just help you chop and change between games. If you jump off FIFA for a few rounds of Warzone but then your friend comes on and challenges you, quick resume means FIFA will be ready for you to come back rather than having to boot all over again.

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That sounds awesome as it is, but quick resume is even more than that.

Alanah Pearce has had a chance to get hands-on with the Series X and discovered that quick resume is a god-tier feature.

Suspend multiple games

It turns out the Xbox Series X will hold multiple games to be resumed for days at a time.

That means even if you aren't chopping between titles in one session, quick resume will still help you game faster.

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WAIT, WHAT?: Quick resume is far more powerful than we thought

This is terrific for those that have a small window to play and maybe rotate between three or four games. Your RPG will be waiting for you in a few days time even after you've put some time in on Warzone or Forza.

As Alanah goes on to explain, quick resume still works even after you unplug your console. Now that's a great feature!

Xbox Series X release date

The Series X, and it's little brother the Series S, will release worldwide on 10 November.

The Series X has a price point of $499/£449. Pre-orders are still open, but stock is limited, if not sold out, at nearly every outlet.

Keep your eyes on our Deals twitter feed to stay up to date on the latest pre-order info!

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