*UPDATED* DIRT 5: New gameplay, Release day, pre-order, Next-gen, Launch Title for Xbox Series X, Career Mode, events & more

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After the success of F1 2020, Codemasters is going off-road with DIRT 5!

The British racing masters are taking DIRT in a different direction this year, with more extreme off-road cars, tracks, and scenarios as well as a deep career mode.

Latest News - Rallycross gameplay Raid gameplay!

Codemasters has dropped a new chunk of gameplay for DIRT 5!

They are taking us to Italy for some Rallycross!


This comes on top of some amazing Rally Raid footage!


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DIRT 5 is shaping up to be an electric racer.

DIRT 5 on next-gen

Codemasters' racing game will be a launch title for Microsoft's amazing Xbox Series X.

The powerful console will arrive on 10 November, and DIRT 5 players will get a free upgrade to the next-gen thanks to Smart Delivery.

This goes for the Xbox Series S too, which is released on the same date.



DIRT 5 release date

Codemasters has set the release date to 6 November 2020.

It will be on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows PC (via Steam) as well as next-gen consoles Xbox Series X and PS5.

New York 2W
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GRID + DiRT Rally 2.0: This game looks like a clash of worlds

Players that buy the current-gen version will receive a free upgrade to next-gen.

A Stadia version will be released early 2021. Fully optimised for all platforms, DIRT 5 is a new heart-pounding off-road driving experience set against a sensory backdrop of vibrant visuals, an eclectic soundtrack, and dynamic weather conditions.

Early access & Amplified Edition

There is early access available for DIRT 5.

The Amplified Edition will give players three days early access to the game! So that's 3 November.


The latest glimpse of gameplay takes us to the frozen East River in New York City for an Ice Breaker race!

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Set in the black of night, this gameplay shows off DIRT 5's atmospheric lighting and the unique racing experience it has to offer.

Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director, had this to say: "Nothing beats a winter’s evening in New York unless you are battling it out in rally cars on the frozen East River. It takes skills and courage to drift and slide across the ice, and one mistake can take you from first to last in an instant."

Next-gen gameplay

Codemasters has unveiled some next-gen gameplay!

This gameplay is of a Rock Bouncer taking on an Extreme Pathfinder event. The course winds its way through a quarry, with narrow gaps and tricky surfaces to navigate.

A global journey

DIRT 5 takes in some of the most thrilling, exotic, and picturesque settings such as New York City and Rio de Janeiro alongside challenging events in remote areas of Greece and China.

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Players will experience the thrill of in-your-face extreme racing in a variety of vehicle classes from buggies, unlimited trucks, and rock bouncers to traditional and modern rally cars.


It looks like we'll be getting seasons in this game, as Codemasters have shown us racing on a frozen East River in New York and also getting into the action during summer too.

Career mode

The expansive narrative-driven Career is bigger in every way with event types and challenges across some of the toughest terrain.

Norway 5W
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BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL: This game looks gorgeous

Before hitting the track, get creative using the livery editor, with more customisation options than any previous DIRT game. DIRT 5 features a non-linear progression path, so players can choose more of the events they want.

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There's a lot of agency and choice being hyped up for this game. They have also bought in voice acting icons Troy Baker and Nolan North to act as mentor and antagonist during the story. It certainly looks to be a new take on your classic racing game career mode.


DIRT 5brings split-screen racing back with up to four players.

The full list of game modes will be announced shortly, including a new game mode focused on creativity and designed for social couch play with friends or global online battles against the best racers in the DIRT universe.

"As a studio, we are big fans of DiRT 2 and 3. This game is our homage: a bigger, amplified DIRT off-road experience in a setting that is alive, challenging and fun," said Robert Karp, DIRT 5 Development Director at Codemasters. "Whether you want to compete against the AI on some of the world’s most challenging environments or play a four-player split-screen game with your friends, DIRT 5 has you covered."

The evolution of DIRT

DiRT Rally 2.0, released in February 2019, was a hardcore rally sim that is widely recognised as one of the best off-road simulation games around.

China 1W
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BYE: If we crash like that can we carry on!?

DIRT 5 will be going back to the more casual off-road fun that the series has produced previously.

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