F1 2020 Game Performance Update LIVE: Patch Notes, Rebalance, AI, Liveries, Bugs & more

Codemasters has finally released the performance patch for F1 2020!

Let's take a look at what players can expect next time they get behind the wheel.

Performance Update release date

Patch 1.12 is now out on PC, Xbox, and PS4!

So get ready to install the update next time you switch on!

F1 2020 game car performance
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FALLING BACK: Ferrari have struggled with their PU this season

We have known for a while that a performance patch would come to F1 2020, and it will land with an impact on a few teams.

This is primarily due to the stark difference in real world performance and their in-game reflections.

F1 2020 Performance Update - teams effected

Four teams will be majorly impacted the Performance Update.

Racing Point will enjoy a performance increase, while Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, and Haas will suffer a performance decrease.

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This is thanks to the Ferrari power unit being nerfed.

f1 2020 performance red bull 1
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QUICK CHANGE: Red Bull's livery is getting a tweak

Codemasters goes on to say "The Power Unit stats and prices remain unchanged in My Team, so as not to unfairly change the balance of your experience!".

This should mean that your current save won't be impacted, but any new My Team experience will start from the new performance levels.

Update 1.12 patch notes

There are plenty of other changes beyond just the performance update though. Update 1.12 comes with full patch notes of all the changes. Let's take a look!

  • Livery updates for Ferrari and Red Bull.
  • Team-wear updates for Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.
  • Fixed an exploit in time trial and events caused by entering and fast-forwarding an instant replay.
  • Corrected an issue that caused a colour mis-match between sponsors on suits, helmets and car liveries on PS4 Pro.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the McLaren race-suit to appear broken for the player character in Driver Career.
  • Fixed a progression issue in My Team.
  • Solved an issue in multiplayer that allowed the player to start a flying lap in qualifying when there is not enough time left in the session.
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer that stopped corner-cutting penalties being applied when quitting and re-joining a race after a formation lap.
  • Improved texture quality on several customisation items.
  • Addressed an FPS issue when re-joining a race
  • Title stability improvements.

Livery updates

Codemasters is also updating a few visuals with this patch.

Both Lewis Hamilton and Valterri Bottas will get their new helmets added.

f1 2020 performance bottas helmet 1
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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: This new helmet is awesome

Meanwhile the Ferrari livery gets an update and the Red Bull sponsors and team wear has been tweaked.

2020 F2 grid?

There is no mention of the 2020 F2 grid in this update note, which is a shame.

F1 2020 was released to the public with the F2 grid from 2019.

We are now well into the revised F2 2020 season, and fans are hopeful that a new and updated grid will soon be released.

F2 F1 2020
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F2 2020: the next 1.11 patch promises an up-to-date F2 Grid

It would be great for fans to be able to race as their favourite up and comers!

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