DIRT 5 Rallycross gameplay: World RX cars in stunning Italy location

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We're just a month away from DIRT 5 hitting the shelves and Codemasters has dropped some more stunning gameplay footage.

This time it is Rallycross, but there are not grey skies over boring English fields here. DIRT 5 is taking these races to somewhere far more exciting...

DIRT 5 gameplay

The latest gameplay video shows off World RX cars in an amazing Italian setting.

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The track picks its way through an old marble quarry beneath a beautiful blue sky.

Bridges over the quarry and old machinery help to plot a techincal and flowing track in a very unique setting.

Official FIA Rallycross cars

DIRT 5 doesn't go down the officially licensed route much, but it does include official FIA Rallycross cars. It's a perfect marriage as the wild racing in Rallycross meshes wonderfully with the ethos DIRT 5 is trying to get across.


Speaking about is, Development Director Robert Karp said;

"Italy has proved to be an incredible setting for racing. Carving out routes within a quarry, an abandoned marble mine, and underneath the stunning Ponti di Vara bridges challenged the team, but players will love the experience.

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"Having FIFA World Rallycross cars in DIRT 5 was a must, not just for their speed and agility, but their stylish asethetic, and a perfect fit for a game like ours."

DIRT 5 release date

Codemasters' next racing title is releasing on 6 November across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

It will have a free upgrade for next-gen consoles, and is an official launch title for Xbox Series X|S.

Early access is available via the Amplified Edition, which unlocks on 3 November.

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