RealOpinions: Will PES 2020 see the end of the FIFA snobbery?

So many of us turn our noses up at PES yet complain about FIFA, so why have we not given the Konami franchise a chance?

Yes, I have owned every FIFA game since FIFA 08. I am part of the hypocrisy that complains about FIFA Career Mode each year and still puts in hours taking Forest Green to the Champions League. But why?

Is it time for change?

Konami appear to have put a lot of effort into the remodelling of Master League but there is little evidence of EA doing the same, with their efforts focused on Volta instead.

One key area for many fans is the lack of user interaction on FIFA Career Mode, the press conferences are so generic it becomes a chore rather than a choice.

FIFA 20 Career Mode: Not exactly interactive is it?There is no option to respond to a player when they ask to leave or want to be given a chance, with their request having minimal impact on the game anyway.

This is where EA could find themselves slip behind Konami. Pro Evo's new Interactive Dialogue System is designed to make the game mode more personal for the players and offer a better managerial experience.

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PES taking over

PES 2020 Master League have done their homework. They have seen what the fans want on FIFA's Career Mode and stuck it in their own version.

Realistic managers? Have legends as your avatar. Realistic transfers? We have a new transfer algorithm based on real-life data.

You can step into Diego Maradona's shoes on PES 2020 Master LeagueFIFA fans have been stuck with the same basic manager models for a few years now, how difficult would it be to have a more customisable avatar? You rarely see your own avatar unless you’re in transfer negotiations which they introduced in FIFA 18, but these have become tedious and repetitive.

It remains to be seen what the manager interactions will be like on PES 2020, but the early signs are that they will look and feel more unique and realistic.

Fans of both Master League and Career Mode have been able to sign whoever they want, given they have the budget to do so. This is something that needs addressing urgently and PES responded with their new system, how will EA return fire?

An announcement in The Pitch Notes at the end of July will reveal the latest news regarding FIFA 20 Career Mode. This has got the community excited, but it is time for EA to deliver, especially with PES Master League making the first move. 

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What is wrong with FIFA Career Mode?

So far, I have been mainly negative towards a game that I have been playing religiously for over a decade. Why? Frustration.

Ultimate Team is the priority for EA as that is where it makes money, however Career Mode has been left to rot in the background.

Many of my complaints about the recent editions of Career Mode could be rectified easily just to offer a more realistic managerial experience.

Not being able to respond to messages from your players needs to be amended by EASmall changes such as other clubs offering you a contract to take over more frequently, being able to move clubs at the end of a season and responding to different questions similar to the response system on The Journey where it shapes your character.

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One crucial last thing that stands out for many fans is the licensing. Playing FIFA allows you to control real players in real teams with real likenesses. 

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