Nintendo Switch: Two upcoming games leaked?

Mario isn't the only major figure that could be hitting the Switch in 2020 if these leaks are right...

New games coming on Nintendo Switch

2020 could be a big year for Nintendo. While a lot of focus is on the next gen consoles of Sony and Microsoft, the Japanese gaming giant have their own next gen, the Switch Pro, on the horizon.

Along with a new piece of hardware there are plenty of games in the pipeline that will engage fans old and new. Breath of the Wild 2 is certainly the most anticipated, but the return of Animal Crossing is also one fans have circled in their calendar.

It might be time to find more time to use your favourite portable console later this year too, as there have been leaks and rumours about two new games that will interest fans.

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Nintendo’s catalogue of gaming history goes far beyond Mario and Pokemon. There are a number of iconic franchises that fans want to see revived, and thanks to a trusted industry insider.

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Sabi has been a thorn in the side of Nintendo for a while, and he has excited fans with information about what is to come.

Paper Mario 2020?

Paper Mario & crew could make a return in 2020
DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK: Paper Mario could make its return in 2020

First released in 2000, Paper Mario combined traditional role-playing elements with classic Mario franchise features.

Sabi, a journalist for Spieltimes and Nintendo Soup, took to twitter to back up rumours about a return for Paper Mario this year with an entirely new game.

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Quite when this new game will arrive we don’t know, but given the success of any game with Mario on the cover we can expect it to come with the Switch Pro later in the year.

2D Metroid

Samus' dark suit from Super Smash Bros Ultimate
SMASH: You could be able to use Samus as more than your main in Smash Bros

Samus is best known to many as a character on Super Smash Bros. But the Metroid franchise has been part of gaming lore since its first release way back in 1986.

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The rumours are that 2D Metroid would be a direct sequel to the 2002 release Metroid Fusion that was released on the Game Boy Advance.

Official announcement?

According to Sabi, both new Switch games will be announced during an upcoming Nintendo Direct. This date has yet to be announced though, so be sure to keep your eyes out for news!

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