NHL 21 HUT: Halloween Characters, HUT RUSH, review & more

NHL 21 HUT is in full swing, and we are now approaching its Halloween event, Halloween Characters.

This will be the first seasonal HUT event since NHL 19!

Let's go over all the details.

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Characters

NHL 21 is having a Halloween event, which will be the first seasonal event in the series since NHL 19.

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Characters announcement
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THE ANNOUNCEMENTS: EA have revealed a new Halloween event for NHL 21 HUT

This event will be called Halloween Characters, and we already got a teaser for its first card!

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Event Halloween Characters The Beast Zack Kassian
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THE BEAST: Kassian is the first revealed HUT card in Halloween Characters

It looks like 89-90 will be the event's OVR cap, but we'll see, as the set will kick off on 30 October!


HUT in NHL 21 got some new features, with many landing in HUT RUSH.

NHL 21 Locker Rooms 1
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WHERE LEGENDS ARE MADE: Fill your locker room with greats to take over HUT in NHL 21

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HUT RUSH shakes up the HUT experience with faster queue times, and rewards for stylistic gameplay.

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It includes:

  • Playable mascots
  • Style-based point system
  • New game types (3v3, 5v5 and more) with rankings
  • Outdoor arenas


After having time with the many game modes of NHL 21 to explore all of its changes, we've come up with our final review for the game.

You can read over the full review here!

The biggest positives this year are certainly the new Be A Pro Mode changes, and with the new attention to HUT with returning seasonal events, it also gets a nod.

For negatives, there really isn't too much bad to say about the game.

All in all, our final verdict is 3.5 Stars (out of 5).

Official Reveal Trailer

Hyped about NHL 21? Look no further than the newly released Official Reveal Trailer to see some of the action!

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