NHL 21 HUT: Halloween Characters Event is Coming! - The Beast, Cards, Promo & more

NHL 21 looks to finally be picking up a Halloween event for HUT! From a teaser posted by EA, it looks like the event will be called Halloween Characters.

Let's go over the details we know so far, and when we can expect Halloween Characters to arrive.

HUT Halloween Event

EA has many Halloween events across its titles - so many that the first day of the promos managed to crash EA's servers all around!

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Characters announcement
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THE ANNOUNCEMENT: It looks like Halloween Characters will arrive soon in NHL 21!

Thankfully NHL 21's new Halloween event, what looks to be called Halloween Characters, will be starting at a separate date.

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So what can we expect from an NHL 21 HUT Halloween event?

Halloween Characters

Halloween Characters, if this is indeed the promos name, will bring a big influx of talent to HUT.

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Event Halloween Characters The Beast Zack Kassian
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THE BEAST: Kassian is a monster on the ice, making him a perfect fit for Halloween Characters

Halloween events are the first major promos for Ultimate Team game modes in other EA sports franchises like Madden 21 and FIFA 21, and we expect more of the same in NHL 21.

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In fact, EA have already started us off with a teaser for the first big card coming to HUT in this Halloween event!

The Beast - Zack Kassian

The first card coming to HUT in the NHL 21 Halloween event is an 89 OVR Zack Kassian!

NHL 21 HUT Halloween Characters Zack Kassian
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FIRST UP: Kassian is the first Halloween Characters card revealed

Kassian is a Power Forward RW that can absolutely dominate with physicality on the ice.

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We expect this will transfer over well to Kassian's new HUT card, especially with The Beast as its nickname.

Release Date

NHL 21's Halloween HUT event (Halloween Characters), will begin on 30 October according to EA!

NHL 21 Franchise Mode Features
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GET DOWN: The Halloween Characters promo will bring powerful cards to HUT

That means HUT players should be ready to hop on the ice as soon as it begins to grind up the many powerful cards that will be coming.

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