NHL 21 Trailer: Gameplay Trailer LIVE - new skills, movement, fluid transitions & more

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NHL 21 is getting closer!

The reveal trailer was great, but the Gameplay Trailer has shown off some elite changes to the game we love.

NHL 21 Gameplay Trailer

EA has officially dropped the gameplay trailer at last!

EA is bringing some all-new skills, more fluid team transitions, and better gameplay to NHL 21!

Official Reveal Trailer

The NHL 21 Official Reveal Trailer premiered on the EA NHL YouTube channel.


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Cover star revealed

Stanley Cup winner and worldwide Superstar Alexander Ovechkin has been revealed as the NHL 21 cover star.

nhl 21 cover star 1
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The artwork is in a similar style to Madden 21.


We didn't get much gameplay in the trailer, so when will we get a look at the key aspects of NHL 21?

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We can expect another trailer looking at the new features of NHL 21 in mid-to-late September.

Release date

It has been confirmed the NHL 21 release date is Friday, 16 October.

nhl 21 release date
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STILL TO COME: NHL 21 will round of EA Sports season!

There is Early Access with the Deluxe and Great Eight Editions, as well as an EA Play trial too.

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