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28 Feb 2020

Xbox Series X: Will VR feature on Microsoft's next-gen console?

Xbox Series X: Will VR feature on Microsoft's next-gen

Microsoft has given us plenty of information on Xbox Series X, but we didn't want this news.

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Why no VR?

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VR in Streaming Services?

Microsoft shocked us all by unveiling their next-gen console, the Xbox Series X, at The Game Awards back in December. 

Xbox Series X’s full specs were only just revealed earlier this week, and according to Microsoft, Series X will be the “most immersive console experience ever”.

Following the full breakdown of what’s inside the clunky exterior, Xbox head Phil Spencer has made some comments on the next-gen console supporting VR.

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Speaking to Gamertag Radio, Phil Spencer outlined Microsoft's stance on VR, explaining that there are actually no plans for any form of VR support for the next generation of Xbox.

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Spencer said:

“We’re not going to do that. I understand certain people would want that, [but] we have to focus our efforts on the things we’re doing right now.

"The most precious resource that we have is the team and their ability and I just have to focus on the things we’re doing right now.”

Why no VR?

Though it is hard to entirely grasp what the comment about resources meant, Spencer came back later in the video to elaborate further.

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This is where he suggests that Xbox would be unable to provide the same level of VR experience as Sony does with PSVR, or Valve and Oculus do on PC.

“VR is not as simple as plugging your headset; you have to redo the dash, like there’s a bunch of work that goes into it. And the teams at Valve, the teams at Sony, the teams at Oculus that are doing that work, they know the completeness and what it means to support the platform.”

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Now, as much as we would love to see VR on all consoles, it actually makes sense that Xbox does not make VR a priority in its next generation.

VR in Streaming Services?

With expensive peripherals and high system requirements, it's difficult to imagine how Xbox could even fit VR.

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ABOVE THE CLOUDS: Hopefully, VR will make an appearance in one of Microsoft's upcoming projects

Then again, while VR may not feature on the next-gen console, it could make an appearance on Microsoft's streaming service, Project xCloud.

The future of VR on next-gen isn't looking so bad, especially considering how Sony has confirmed plans to support PSVR on the PlayStation 5.