NBA 2K24: When will fans get to see gameplay footage?

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24

There are only a few weeks left until NBA 2K24 is released. Despite that, fans still don't have a lot of information about the game, especially about its gameplay.

Yes, it's true that 2K has announced some new features. Among them are the new MyTEAM game mode and the ProPLAY technology. However, these features were announced quite a while ago. Since then, not much has been announced about the game.

This has left fans completely in the dark, not knowing what to expect from NBA 2K24. Reports from content creators that have tried the game, and said it's basically NBA 2K23 with some tweaks, left the community even more angry.

So, let's see when fans can expect some NBA 2K24 gameplay footage.

When will the NBA 2K24 Gameplay deep dive take place?

Apart from the NBA 2K24 Crossplay trailer, there isn't any other trailer or gameplay footage available. That's why fans are so eager for the gameplay deep dive.

This deep dive will finally let players see how the gameplay looks, and if it improved compared to the previous year. Players will also have more detailed information about the new features, and how they impact the gameplay.

Fortunately for the millions of NBA 2K fans, the gameplay deep dive is not far off. In its NBA 2K24 content road map that was recently released, 2K announced the Gameplay deep dive takes place on 14 August.

NBA 2K24 Gameplay
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This is good news for the fans that were excited to see what the gameplay looks like. But at the same time, 14 August is still more than two weeks away. So, it's still a very long period of time where NBA 2K won't release any new information about the game.

With the game releasing in early September, it was expected we would know more about it by now. Especially if we take into account the NBA 2K24 pre-orders have been live for a while.

The only thing we can do right now is wait for 14 August, and hope the deep dive showcases some exciting gameplay changes. Hopefully, this year's title gameplay will be much better than the one we had in NBA 2K23.


As mentioned above, NBA 2K24 is not that far of, with the game releasing on 15 September. Despite that, we still don't have any gameplay footage, ratings information or even a trailer.

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However, the NBA 2K24 trailer might be closer than expected. With the Gameplay deep dive happening on 14 August, we expect the trailer to drop before that. So, check out our NBA 2K24 trailer news piece, to stay up to date with every news related to it.

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